Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 6

The Block Gatwick Episode Six 

It’s Week Two in St Kilda

Looking at this recap slash preview, I feel it in my waters that there’s going to be some epic meltdowns!

BLOCK FM!? Sign me up to do mornings if I can play “golden oldies” like The Bangles’ version of Manic Monday I heart Susanna Hoffs.

Shortlived enjoyment of another fine musical interlude, one of the production crew decides to plant a rubber spider on Norm’s shoulder, the only good thing about this is we got to see his fetching red jocks

Spider pranks are THE WORST. My idiot boyfriend has got me numerous times, and he’s lucky I haven’t inadvertently knocked his teeth out in my overreaction to finding one in my general area, cause he’s usually off cowering somewhere.

Both of the ‘losing’ teams find reasons for their low scores that didn’t involve looking inwardly. Then it goes onto the haves and have nots – those that have to do a lot of demolition (the inner apartments) and those that don’t (penthouses). Spence might have conceded they need some help but he can’t find anyone.

For those that haven’t been playing along until now, and for the benefit of the other contestants each bathroom is given the once over the biggest take out from this interlude is that perhaps Sara and Hayden had a better bathroom than the judges thought. Spence has a go at the bath wine left there since inspections (so it’s definitely been able to breathe).

Allegations of cheating pop up! More of that after the break please!

Back from the ad break Scotty, with the help of Foreman Keith talks about how the Gatwick as a whole is getting a facelift and that “this place will be unrecognisable in 12 weeks time”. It truly does look delightful with the scaffolding and everything gone. It kinda glows. Go past and have a squizz, check out the hood!

It’s been a bit busy the last few episodes but woop there it is! B’s wonky helmet lives on:

B and C run through their plans for the guest bedroom, meanwhile Jess and Norm have a robust discussion around bed placement in theirs Norm asking where the telly would go Jess pointing out “High end people don’t watch telly, they read”… ok. Well she wasn’t wrong about the bathroom maple so let’s see. They’re getting a wee tetchy with each other <cue sad music for kid memories montage>

It’s a return to Indecisive Courtney, confusing mostly herself about whether she wants a grey or a white concrete wardrobe, then there was something about sheets, and I forget what happens.

Hayden and Sara concerned about the feedback from the judges about using heritage features, get their real estate agents in to have a chat about where they should focus their energies. She hears what she wants to hear that buyers will expect to see some deco stylings. Fair call.

Nylon carpet!? Sara checked in with Hayden about the option, he wants wool but she’s convinced the texture is better. Also the colour is an issue. Getting agitated, Sara all but screams her lungs at Husband Hayden taking the call “offline” getting out of the car to finish, presumably, berating him. BOOOOO that’s why there’s cameras in the car!

It would be incredibly frustrating if you’re left to do a task and the other person involved constantly tries to get their choice across. But we may never know if she keeps taking the phone away from the cameras!

We come back from the break with a reminder of what Sara was like on top of the world with win after grand statement of brilliance after drinking of her own bath water, then a version I’m not familar with of Mad World rolls in and we see Sara come back to the car mid teary phone call. I’m think aw gee she’s on the phone to her mum or a producer, Husband Hayden is copping it and she’s seeking some intense counsel. But. TURNS OUT it was a freaking wallpaper sales person. WHAAAAAAT!? And in the best edit in the world ever the line from the song kicks in “I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad” as wallpaper lady says you’re doing the best you can. I need a friggen whiskey. Now wallpaper lady is telling Sara to breathe deeply, even calls her ‘bebe’. PUHLEASE

Kerrie and Spence use the catch up from their safe loot to meet with the judges and some Domain data scientist (!?) and colour me pink they’re doing it in the famous George Ballroom!

Recently dusted off and given some love the ballroom is a fancy function space for weddings and such finery but it also used to be one of the best of many legendary music venues in the area. In the 70s and 80s it had a few different names including the Crystal Ballroom and Seaview Ballroom it was where bands like Boys Next Door, Models, Hunters and Collectors played regularly and it was the venue of choice for International acts too like The Cure, XTC, The Ramones. Keep an eye out for St Kilda identity Fred Negro’s music walking tours to fill in all the gorey details as he walks from pub to pub sharing stories.

ShaynnaBlaze says buyers into St Kilda are looking for ‘gritty’. That’s debatable judging by some online complaints from newer residents about the joint! But I digress. Again.

Study Nook gets the tijuana in place of a library; Kerrie realised after that she should have recorded the meeting on her tape deck (yes she said tape deck).  The overall theme, mainly from Dapper Neale was that the Deco detail inside is a bit pfft. Keep that for the exterior. Contemporary is King.

Sara continues to drive around and around in circles (literally) she was at Luna Park before now heading back around Albert Park Lake, still chewing the Wallpaper Lady’s ear off. Pity no one’s telling her about the Contemporary is King edict.

Jess talks about over-thinkers and we find out that they are going to put a green velvet bed head in their guest bedroom. I had a banging pair of green velvet pants once and my friend JJ has the most divine green velvet divan (it’s actually a sofa but I had to do the alliteration) what I’m saying is I love green velvet. The graphic however for Jess and Norm’s has me breaking out in a cold sweat:

It’s more the shade of Lime Coola Cordial that your mum made you water down if you fixed it yourself. Bleargh. Hopefully this colour is just an indication.

Scotty claims that Sara is still on the phone after an hour with her Wallpaper Lady BFF and takes her into the carpet shop via the technology of FaceTime.

Surely this will be frowned upon in a massive way! Collusion and Consultation!

Ooh busted! Lurking over behind the samples, Jess is overhearing everything

Jess, forgetting the rules momentarily (Scotty ran through them too) thought ooh that’s a good idea getting some help over the phone. But no, wrist slaps all round, it’s a no no:

I’m about to do my Block. Did you just hear that!? In a couch interview with Sara and Hayden a producer, who sounds very similar to the producer at the carpet shop, who asked at the time “who was that” goes in for a double down and says : “Were you on the phone to your wallpaper lady at Carpet Court I thought you were on the phone to your wallpaper lady at Carpet Court, on Face Time”. No shit, this is Courtney’s exact words “Uhhh, maybe it was Hayden” and her hand immediately touches her face.






I have a raging headache. How about you?

Anyhoo back to other people’s dramas – Courtney and Hans are hamstrung by Jess and Norm’s pipes. Rollercoaster Spence has a spring in his step after that Ballroom meeting but his contact book is coming up with donuts. Foredan rolls in with the good news courtesy of one of the sponsors. Jess fess’ up to becoming “that person” demanding the right colour and making a fourth change for the day to her book nook.

But she finally makes a good decision, taking Norm, Courtney and Hans over the road to The Prince. While they walk in there in this shot, doesn’t look like they’re eating in there. Unless it up at Circa? Dunno. Or perhaps the dumplings joint up at the Bandroom. Enjoy your whoite woines though guys!

Another new day at The Block and Hayden runs through their plans for their guest room and it’s going to include ‘unique st kilda wall art’ but not Wallpaper. That poor Wallpaper Lady, after all that emotional support! Contact me we’ll have a drink together and a debrief.

Kerrie and Spence run through their plans and we then see that Courtney and Hans have made a rookie error, laying screed in their room but they can’t access the room while it sets. Ruh Roh. B & C are kinda stuck too with a plasterer no-show.

Jess has a D&M with B & C in the girls’ bathroom, telling them about Sara’s FaceTime, no one seems overly concerned by it. Reckon they will if they see her memory lapse…

Scotty checks in with Spence, glad to see he’s got some trades in to help him, Spence talks more about how he genuinely thought about leaving. But he’s back to having a good day again. He then does the rounds and tries some reverse psychology on the other teams about not being able to win the challenge due to Kerrie and Spence’s three hour session with the judges. No one bought his BS. Actually he didn’t try it on Hayden and Sara. Wise move.

Until tomorrow, and thanks for the Tweet B!

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