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Q&A Scene

Tell us about your new tour?
I’m playing an Aretha Franklin Revue on friday 16Jan @ Ding Dong Lounge with my 9pce band. We will be performing well over an hour’s worth of Aretha’s massive hits like Respect, Think, Chain Of Fools, etc. Her powerful voice and spirit resonates with millions worldwide and it is no question why she is dubbed as “The Queen Of Soul”. Early last year, I really wanted to challenge myself and push my ability a lot further and so I thought what better way than to play 2 sets by the greatest Soul singer in history.  What we do at the show is play and celebrate her timeless songs our own way. We try and capture her vibe without feeling the need to emulate her. We sold out a few shows last year so I’m glad I made the decision to put the show together. It’s been an absolute blast not only for the band but the audience as well!

How would you describe your sound in food form  and why?
I make Soul, Funk, R&B music with retro influence. My sound is a fat, juicy steak with my very own mix of spices and hot chilli sauce and greens – it’s a familiar old fashioned dish that most people love or even crave for and I’m giving it my own blend of spices where the chilli will hit you and the sensation will linger on. The rhythm is where the fat is – it will make you want to move. This dish has no carbs, just vegies – it’s wholesome and good for your soul!

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
The song that resonates most strongly with me in our show is “THINK” by Aretha Franklin. I just love the bridge that goes “Freedom!” It really sums me up. I left my job to pursue music because singing is my freedom.  My first single is called “The Liberating Kind” which is about leaving someone who does not appreciate you.  I believe in liberating yourself from any unpleasant situation and being the better person for it.

Any on the road anecdotes?
I played at Glastonbury in 2011 singing backing vocals for Lotek. We performed at a couple of places inside the festival. One of them was a small side stage. Prior to flying over, I was under the impression that the festival was so massive that people would be on top of each other gagging at all the musos. Shock horror when the opposite happened. It was pouring down with rain and there was nobody there but 2-3 of our fellow Melbourne musos. We were performing in gumboots full of mud. It was definitely an experience! Looking forward to the next one in future I guess!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
My life journey and the way I navigate it.  My philosophy is to be the best artist that I could possibly be and see where that takes me.  So far it has taken me from my day job to here and I’m curious to find out where life takes me in the years to come. This is what inspires me to keep learning and creating.

What’s next for you?
I have to finish producing the rest of my EP (or album?) with producer/engineer Wayne Lotek. I’m hitting the studio right after this show and will relentlessly work on the rest of the tunes day in and out until done.  Release date is yet to be determined. I’m relocating to the UK in Feb but I will still be going back and forth to do gigs in AU after a year or 2.

What’s your scene?
I like to think that I belong to the head-strong Independent Music Scene – where we – musos and audience and everyone in between – all make gigs/tours, recordings, releases happen for ourselves and work our arses off to keep it going for the rest of our lives – all for the love of Music!

About Florelie Escano

Florelie Escano is an independent artist who writes, arranges and produces all of her music at Counter Clockwise Studios in Melbourne, with the help of award-winning UK Producer and hip hop artist, LOTEK. She also collaborates with some of Melbourne’s best musicians such as Adam Rudegeair, Mikey Chan (M-Phazes) and Lucas Taranto (Gotye) to name a few. Her debut vinyl release “Moody Blues” has enjoyed national airplay (Triple J, PBS, Triple R, etc.) as well as international airplay on some stations in the UK and Europe.  It has also been used very recently in a brand new UK TV comedy show called “Drifters” (an offshoot of “The Inbetweeners”).  “Moody Blues”/“The Liberating Kind”, was recorded with Australia’s finest musicians including members of R&B sensation, “Electric Empire”.

Florelie Escano and her incredibly talented 9-piece Orchestra are set to return to Ding Dong Lounge with their tribute show “The Soul Of Aretha” one last time on Friday 16th January, before locating to the UK.

The Soul of Aretha Featuring Florelie Escano & Her Soul Orchestra
Friday 16th January
Doors: 9pm
With support from DJ Vince Peach
On sale now via www.dingdonglounge.com.au
Tickets: $25.00

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