Recap Scene: The Block Gatwick Episode 36

Get To The Chopper

Challenge day and they’re all off on a helicopter to Phillip Island so they can fang around the Grand Prix track down there in some of the sponsor’s cars. Who’s going to be The Stig?

Up in the air Sara throws some shade at fellow flight attendant Courtney saying she wouldn’t understand the “high flying” of helicopter travel because she’s only an economy flight attendant. Gee whiz how to endear yourself to people.

Back at The Block work (sort of) continues on the terraces, by the trades and the landscapers. Looks like there’s going to be lots of headaches, so enjoy your day out Blockheads!

Dan has to don a face mask to deal with a very serious safety risk on Courtney and Hans’ terrace – a heater has been blasting that’s hooked up to a gas bottle and there’s no ventilation which means a potential for KABOOM as well as carbon monoxide poisoning. Not cool. But that’s not all! Water is also pissing out of everywhere in Hayden and Sara’s “water closet” so he yells for the water to be shut off. But then someone yells back at him that the water is also in Kerrie and Spence’s now too, running down from Hayden and Sara’s

Plaster might have to be replaced and “it’s a big issue for Hayden”. He ran his pipes horizontally which is a no-no and probably hadn’t told anyone else and someone’s drilled right into it by accident.

Pet proof imitation grass going on Norm and Jess’ terrace… I’m not sure how I feel about ‘mod’ grass. Dan meanwhile has to shut down Courtney and Hans’ for an hour due to the slight gas issue however the all clear is given for Carbon Monoxide but the famous bubble test shows there really is a leak

I’ve seen the ads about testing your gas bottles heading into bbq season but never knew how to do it, thanks for this Community Service Block!

To Phillip Island, the teams run through some mad driving skills drills with Kerrie really pushing it to the limits, Courtney getting up to (or should that be down to) about 54 on the corners while the instructors were pushing them to really go for it, Norm was loving it but Jess wasn’t coping in the back and ended up needing an LLD (little lie down). And they haven’t even done the skid pan test! A shiny and wet concrete timed course.

Kerrie really blitzed it, Courtney did better than everyone expected, Sara got a 2 second penalty for stopping just over the witches hat and lead foot Jess lost her senses and ended up making up her own course, doing dougheys with her wipers on.

While hilarious, Jess’ shenanigans cost them a 30 second deficit. B&C should kill this though, very nice rides from both competitors.

Scotty score time and Norm had the fastest lap of the day 25 seconds (but completely wiped by Jess’ penalty). 3rd place for two grand goes to Hayden and Sara, 2nd place to Hans and Courtney (how?); and of course Kerrie and Spence in 1st for $5k. Kerrie saying it was the best day, even better than their wedding

Sara had to come back to the bad news about the water damage issue

Hayden “It could be worse”

Sara “It is worse”

Bianca and Carla however cannot believe how great their terrace is looking and cannot wait to have a barbie “Jess and Norm, you’re going down”.

Courtney almost loses it over an awkward tap placement that she’s seeing for the first time on their terrace f*&^ing brass taps.

Hopefully they get over it there’s a Domain walk through and the judge’s judging to come.

Don’t forget it’s the Open for Inspections on THIS SUNDAY get to Fitzroy Street early and take a tram if you can.