Q&A Scene: The Wooden Sky


Tell us about your new album?

We have a new album coming on June 16th called ‘Let’s Be Ready’.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
I suppose it’s probably somewhere akin to a pizza. There’s many different ways to eat it and everytime you discover a new flavour profile.

Which song resonates most strongly and why
[pullquote]You forget sometimes that the road can be a dangerous place, but there are road angels out there too and it’s pretty special when you find them. [/pullquote]I think as a songwriter you’re always most drawn to the last thing you wrote, I am at least. The last song I wrote for this album was ‘Don’t You Worry About a Thing’ so that’s been my favourite as of late. Although I’ve recently written a whole slew of new songs so that’s changing every day.

Any on the road anecdotes?
The last time we were in LA we were driving up the I-5 (about 8 lanes of traffic) when the bike rack in the car in front of us fell off. By the time I realized that the bikes were getting closer while the car didn’t it was too late. I slammed on the breaks, smashed into the bikes and the car behind us ran right into our trailer. Everyone was ok, some minor whiplash perhaps. The police came and closed down the enitre highway (was the first time we were on the radio in LA … not quite how we imagined it). We were towed to the San Fernando Valley (home to Ritchie Valens!) were we were treated amazingly by everyone we met, got repaired, fed from an amazing taco truck and made it to San Francisco just in time for the show. You forget sometimes that the road can be a dangerous place, but there are road angels out there too and it’s pretty special when you find them.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Life, the universe and everything after.

What’s next for you?
Flying home to Toronto to work on new music and plant my garden.

What’s your scene?
Scones, savory, sweet I don’t mind.

About The Wooden Sky

In a parking lot, on top of a tour van, in the middle of a busy street, in canoes on a lake – there really isn’t anywhere The Wooden Sky wont play. The Canadian five-piece have managed to infuse this unbridled energy into their soon to be released 4th studio album, Lets Be Ready, and have dropped a mighty tasty sample in the form of lead single, ‘Saturday Night’.

Saturday Night draws you in with its instant hook, and hangs on to you with its warmth and energy. Along with its accompanying clip – a fuzzy, home-video style montage – the track is filled to brimming with the kind of unabashed joy that will have you taking their lead and dancing in the streets.

Lets Be Ready draws together songs written by vocalist Gavin Gardiner on a farm in Quebec one minute, on an old German airpark the next. After honing these tracks on the road, the band sought to preserve the spirit of their shows, with most songs captured in a series of live takes. The end product is The Wooden Sky’s new album, Lets Be Ready – album out July 3 through

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