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Scene News: One Trick Pony – Paul Simon in the 1970s’ – featuring Simon Starr, Rebecca Barnard, Troy McMillin, Janine Maunder and Paul Williamson – MEMO Music Hall Sunday 7 October – 3pm

In 1980 Paul Simon crafted an album that has become a cult obsession for many musicians and music fans around the world, called ‘One Trick Pony’.

‘One Trick Pony’ was born on the back of his Grammy award winning album ‘Still Crazy After All These Years’. It was the soundtrack of the film of the same name Paul Simon made about a touring musician’s life, using his studio band and at the peak of his explorations into jazz, funk and fusion. Featuring a legendary line up of sophisticated groove players with heavy jazz credentials (Steve Gadd, Richard Tee, Eric Gale, Tony Levin etc.), the album had a major single ‘Late In The Evening’ which gave Simon’s already much-decorated career another hit, a feat not repeated until his iconic ‘Graceland’ album of the mid-80s. […]

Scene News

Scene News: Queenscliff Music Festival 2018 third line up announcement

Now playing between Friday 23 – Sunday 25 November will be the likes of Australian music legends The Black Sorrows with Vika & Linda Bull, festival favourite Vince Peach, singer-songwriter Al Parkinson, duos The Twoks and This Way North, bluegrass five-piece The Collingwood Casanovas, hip-hop-rock trio The Cool Calm, Sydney blues artist Jesse Redwing and alt-country couple Montgomery Church. Nahko and Medicine for the People’s energetic violinist Tim Snider (USA) will also be coming Down Under to showcase. […]

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Scene News: Beloved children’s entertainer Peter Combe brings his adored Christmas Album to life for a special festive tour

With a career that spans more than three decades, it’s fair to say that
beloved children’s entertainer Peter Combe has more than a few favourite
albums under his belt. He has released 15 albums of all original children’s
material (not including greatest hits or live CDs) throughout his career,
and one of his all-time favourites, and one that is still touted as the
most cherished among his fans is his 1990 Christmas Album release. For
years, Peter has been asked when he will be performing all the songs from
the album at concerts and now, 28 years after its first release, he is
finally taking Peter Combe’s Christmas Album out on the road for a special
run of shows. […]

Snap Scene

Snap Scene: Opelousas Band (Kerri Simpson) Heinous Hound Blues Band (Steve Lucas) – Cherry Bar – Sunday 23rd September 2018

Sunday 23 September, was Cherry Blues’ 7th Birthday. Kerri Simpson’s Opelousas band opened proceedings. Then two monster sets from Heinous Hound featuring Steve Lucas, Jerome Smith, Ashley Davies, Dave Hogan and Matt Dwyer. That’s an Oz Blues’ supergroup and a half. The party never stops at Cherry Bar in AC/DC Lane Melbourne. […]

Scene News

Scene News: Good Things Festival Line Up Is Here

Foretold through street posters, heralded through (not so) hushed murmurs of the people; Good Things Festival has once and for all emerged from the vast unknowns, bringing forth a new era for Australian alternative music fans, ushered in by an unstoppable army of some of the heaviest, and most alternative bands the universe has on offer.

What looks like an event from another galaxy, Good Things Festival, while out of this world, is not a hologram. With key launch sites located in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, it would seem Australia’s East Coast is all well within range of Good Things Festivals sonic rays. […]

Q&A Scene

Q&A Scene: Connor Arnold – Port Royal

Port Royal proudly wear their vintage rock n roll influences on their tie dyed, flowing sleeves. In an era where everything old is new again, the quartet channel rocks forefathers and put them on display for a new generation to fall in love with.
The swing of the Stones, the riffage of Zeppelin and the psychedelica of latter day Beatles combine for a retro journey like no other. Sing alongs, good vibes and a feeling of innocence. Port Royal are the ultimate escape from modernity, back to a time where it really was all about the songs. […]