Q&A Scene: Loon Lake

Q&A by Simon

Tell us about your new single/album/tour?
Ok the new single is called ‘Surfin’ – its about not being able to do the things you want to do all of the time. Most people can relate to that. If you can’t, then your life is perfect.

We have two shows in Melb (Shebeen on Mar 26th) and Syd (Brighton Up Bar on Mar 27th).

We are really stoked to be a playing a headline show again, it’s been a long time. We got the canons back from our tour buddies Barbarian too. Should be hot in there.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
A matriciana pasta from Patonys Pizza in South Melb – everyone eats it in the band and it taste good.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
Probably Everything Is Awesome – Because Everything is Awesome.

Any on the road anecdotes?
If you are not happy with your subway roll, always ask for your money back.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
You know those inspirational quotes you see on Instagram and Facebook? Well I screenshot every one of those I see. I have a whole 100gig dropbox full of them. Whenever I am feeling down or want to write a song that resonates, I go to my dropbox full of Instagram Inspirational quotes.

What’s next for you?
Practicing my scales.

Sam (singer) is off to the world championship latin drumming competition.
Ricky (drummer) – is off to America to learn how to get better at singing in an American accent.
Timmy (bass) – is getting the section of stage between him and Sam extended so he has more room to stand still.
Nick (lead guitar) – is off to get a key ring.

What’s your scene?
Yass KFC.

About Loon Lake

Today LOON LAKE have shared the video clip for their new single ‘Surfin‘ via FasterLouder.

Like the track, the ‘Surfin‘ video is fun and fast. Loon Lake‘s frontman Sam Nolan explains, “We wanted something DIY, that captured the essence of the song lyrically. We all grew up surfing and skating and like anyone really love to party – and we feel that the song and video as a package capture who we are as a band. Over three days we got a load of friends to get involved with helping us shoot segments for the clip,  Surfin’, Skating, Drinking, playing bass – it was actually a whole bunch of fun. We pretty much enjoyed ourselves for three days and filmed it all.” 

“We shot a majority of it just on a GoPro ourselves. We borrowed a mates old VK Commodore wagon and hammered around town collecting footage, we threw a party, put on a some beers, and played a gig to a whole bunch of friends who have been there for us from the start – no touch ups, no re-edits, straight-up good times.”

After garnering accolades and praise for their releases and relentless touring, the band are going back to where it all started – a bunch of mates hanging out, jamming music they love and not over-thinking things.

Reflecting their current stripped down approach, Loon Lake have made upcoming shows as intimate as possible, with limited tickets still available. They play in Melbourne at Shebeen on Thursday 26 March, and in Sydney at the Brighton Up Bar on Friday 27 March, on sale now from loonlake.com.au

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