Q&A Scene: Helen Perris


Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
The single Mirrors and Windows is about someone who hides their true self and how they are scared that if they open up, they will scare people away. I think it’s quite common with people who are struggling with inner demons to hide their battles because of this fear of abandonment. The single will be released in a few months, but I have an unmastered teaser clip of it online so that people can get an idea of what I’m doing in the studio before they pledge to my Pozible campaign to raise funds to complete the album.

[pullquote]I got heckled at a gig by my own two year old son. That was pretty awkward.[/pullquote]There’s definitely a theme to this album. I have recently overcome postnatal depression and I have had issues with both depression and anxiety for years. A close friend of mine has been grieving and I found it very challenging to support her through her grief while I myself did not feel strong. So the songs explore the ideas of strength and vulnerability, and truth and concealment, while hopefully making people want to crance (cry & dance – I totally stole that term from Amanda Palmer).

I’m doing a mini tour, just Sydney and Brisbane at the moment, but looking to add Melbourne, to test out the new material and promote the campaign.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Chocolate coated Peanut brittle: sweet and comforting, but fragile and with an edge.

Which song resonates most strongly and why
They all do! My songs are all very personal. Even though sometimes I conflate stories, change timelines, or take poetic licence with the truth, they are all rooted in my lived experiences.

If I had to chose one though, it’d probably be Be There. Or maybe Solace. I can’t choose. It depends on the day!

Any on the road anecdotes?
I got heckled at a gig by my own two year old son. That was pretty awkward.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Life! Especially relationships: I people watch a lot. My kids inspire me so much now, as I see them learning to navigate the world. I also get really inspired by other independent artists, especially ones that I know through The Newsagency, the music venue I help run.

What’s next for you?
I have a gig this Saturday in Brisbane, then hopefully I’ll have the funding to go back into the studio and do some more recording, release the single, finish and release the album, and do a lot more shows. After that, I’m not sure!

What’s your scene?
Anywhere there is good company, great conversation, and a glass of red.

About Helen Perris

Helen Perris, a self-confessed dork with a keyboard is teaming up with Josh Schuberth of Endomusia Productions again for her debut full length album, after recording her second EP, Oneiro with Schuberth at Love Hz Studios in 2013. The album is largely inspired by her recent struggle with post-natal depression and the outpouring of love she experienced when asking for help. Helen’s songs combine the 1960s feel of the Beach Boys and modern sounds of some of her biggest inspirations, Tori Amos, Sarah Slean, Sia and Megan Washington.

Since launching her solo career four years ago, Sydney-based Helen has shared a stage with Amanda Palmer, Kate Miller-Heidke, Brendan Maclean, Kim Boekbinder and others, and performed at Peats Ridge Festival and TEDx Canberra.

Growing up, Helen was fed a diet of Fleetwood Mac, Leo Sayer, ABBA and Elvis Presley courtesy of regional AM radio, alongside her classical piano and violin training. Following her introduction into the world of musical theatre, it was probably inevitable that her musical style was destined to have a timeless feel with a storytelling bent.

Support her Pozible campaign: http://Pozible.com/helenperrisalbum

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