Q&A Scene: Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene – CherryRock015 Special


Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
We’ve just taken delivery of our debut album “Facing the Ruin on Vinyl” there were quiet a few delays in the process of getting it to this format but we’re so happy with the final product it makes it all worth it…The music of the album was primarily tracked live at Sound Park Studios through to tape…Just like our favourite classic rock albums! Then we set up the analog studio at home where we deliberated on vocals and additional layers over the following months..The end result definitely embodies this ‘old school’ warmth, and instrumental tapestry that we were chasing.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Chocolate chilli meat balls…
It’s dark, got spice and plenty of sack.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
Probably the title track ‘Facing the Ruin’..
As it sums up all of the different elements of the band in one epic Voyage.

Any on the road anecdotes?
Yeah, We’ve learned not to let Dave drive back from a show through the snow;-)

Where do you draw inspiration from?
We all listen to a great variety of music which we feel filters one way or another down into our heavy style..But musically and lyrically it’s result of us four hanging out jamming, laughing and enjoying each other company.

What’s next for you?
Well after CherryRock Festival this weekend..Album launch at Ding Dong on the 5th and Wallapalooza fest at Yah Yah’s on June 12..We are focussing on branching out from Melbourne and Writing and recording Follow up album!

What’s your scene?
Fuck the Fucking Scene question! xo

About Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene

Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene roared into the Melbourne stoner rock scene one year ago and have quickly become both fan and critic favourites.

With a sound and style inspired from some of the greatest classic rock acts, FtFDS inject originality into their music to enter inceptive, unchartered territory.

Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene have recently released their debut album ‘Facing the Ruin’. Hailed as a “rock and roll roller coaster that provides great vocals, fuzz, guitar leads from hell and catchy riffs” (Wonderock review) it is currently available to purchase on iTunes and will be released on vinyl in March 2015.

FtFDS are reputed for their powerful and dynamic live shows that sweep you away in a sea of hypnotic riffs, searing guitar harmonies, infectious cross rhythms and growling bass lines. Lead vocals are shared by all four band members thus adding to the diversity in soundscapes within their original song structures.

The FtFDS lads were busy in 2014 slaying the stages at Yah Yahs, Cherry Bar, Ding Dong Lounge, The Tote and Shed Rock Festival. They are pumped to be melting your faces at Rock the Bay Festival 2015 and CherryRock015.

If you like your rock served with a side of heavy blues fusion psychedelia, don’t miss their set!

“Like Kyuss on Vegemite” – James Young

Tour Details

Sunday 10 May 12noon to 9.30pm
Cherry Bar and AC/DC Lane Melbourne
13 acts, 2 stages, no clashes
Tix $79 from www.cherrybar.com.au

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