Q&A Scene: Jessica Stuart Few


Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour? 
This is The Jessica Stuart Few’s first Australian tour and we are so excited about these 4 weeks of concerts. We’re playing at some great venues like The Bridge Hotel with our co-tour-mate Marta Pacek, and headlining some festivals, like Yackandandah Folk Fest and Fairbridge Festival in Western Australia.  We’re in the middle of recording a new album too, so our Aussie audiences will be getting the first sneak peek at some of our new tunes (including a Australia-exclusive pre-release a single from the new record). Not to mention that it’s winter in Canada, and last week was -20 degrees Celcius, so we are jumping for joy to get down under!

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
I often talk about my music as being a simmering stew with unexpected combinations of ingredients that make you wonder why you never ate them together before.  But that’s quite general, so let’s get more specific here: I think flavour-wise, we’d be a killer fruit salad with berries, melon bits, tropical fruits, an assortment of nuts, and frozen yogurt drops.  Basically, a dish that’s incredibly good for you, but tastes too good to think about it.

Which song resonates most strongly and why? 
Our last album is themed (and titled) Two Sides To Every Story, and aside from the title track, there are two others, Walking The Line and Grass Is Always Greener, which all resonate very strongly musically and lyrically.  I don’t think it’s possible to have everything go your way all of the time, and so these songs about accepting the crazy life ride we’re on, and trying to keep cool and have fun while you do it.

Any on the road anecdotes? 
Well, last year, I toured Australia as a guitarist of another Canadian band, blueVenus, who was on a double bill also with Marta Pacek.  Our show in Castlemaine was one of the last of the tour, and I had only just started sharing opposite-side-of-the-road driving duties.  I remember shortly after the conversation about being designated driver back to Melbourne, I remarked that I had still never seen a kangaroo and that I’d be leaving the country soon.  Well, I got what I asked for, because several families of kangaroos chose my driving debut as their opportunity to cross the road on the way home! Both us and kangaroos made it through unscathed.

Where do you draw inspiration from? 
From experiences while travelling, from funny rhythmic elements which might be forgettable to most, from dreamy chords, or art.  One of our new songs was based around a birdsong I heard in Laguna, NSW during last year’s tour.

What’s next for you? 
Finish the album, play festivals in Western Canada and Toronto, then tour Asia again!

What’s your scene?
Aside from music and everything creative, I love open-mind people, unexpected humour, seeing the world and nature, riding my bicycle, playing billiards.  I’m also a fan of coffee, whiskey and most things vintage.

About Jessica Stuart Few

Canadian innovators, The Jessica Stuart Few are the world’s only “koto-toting folk-jazz power trio” and will perform at The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine on Thursday 26th March. Signature songwriting featuring the Japanese 13-string harp with double bass, drums, tight vocal harmonies & exceptional guitar work have put the undeniably charismatic ‘Few on Japanese Top 40 charts and festival stages in North America, Europe, Asia & Australia.

Marta Pacek, who will provide support on the evening is an alt-folk songstress with an intense, brooding take on the genre. Having begun her career writing and recording with Mark Seymour, of iconic Australian group Hunters & Collectors she has since then grown her craft. Pacek’s voice is intense, brooding and with honesty that is intimate, moody and very human.

Tour info

The Bridge Hotel Castlemaine
Thursday 26th March
Support from Marta Pacek
$15 Entry. Doors 8.30pm

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