Q&A Scene: Charlie Marshall


Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
My new single is called Curious Minds. It’s about curiosity, wonder, science and the drive to discover things. It may be a new musical genre – poetic, philosohic, scientifric rock! It’s coproduced by Darren Seltmann of the Avalanches.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
It’s slow food. Because it needs to be appreciated slowly with the heart and a lot of love goes into making it. It takes time to appreciate the complex, rich flavours of it.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
This is the first single of a forthcoming album. It’s not the first because it’s neccesarily the most catchy song but it definitely resonates strongly. The themes sum up and introduce the ideas that will be explored more fully in the album. It literally resonates because it mentions vibrations in space and electromagnetic waves.

Any on the road anecdotes?
Supporting Hunters and Collectors on their national tour soon after we had first starting playing in my first ever band Harem Scarem was an interesting experience. We were chuffed that Mark Seymour would come along to our gigs in the tiny venues we were playing and get right into it and almost bang his head against the foldback wedges. We were so excited to tour with them but it wasn’t quite what it was cracked up to be. Playing beer barns in outer Western Sydney and places like that. Having to turn up there at about 11am to help lug their huge PA in and then lug it all out again at 2 am after the gig. Where were all the parties and heady rock and roll lifestyle? The reality definitely did not match our expectations.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
The wonderful world around me. Nature. Thinking about the amazing universe we inhabit. The mystery and awe that inspires. Huge things like galaxies and black holes through to tiny, infinitesimal things like the world inside the atom. I also draw inspiration from politics and current events, particularly issues around the environment like climate change.

What’s next for you?
Solo shows in April and May and launching the new single with a special science themed show on June 6 at Spotted Mallard.

What’s your scene?
My scene is Brunswick. I love it. It provides me with just about everything I need.

About Charlie Marshall

Charlie Marshall is one of Australia’s preeminent singer-songwriter/guitarists and after a recent musical hiatus he is returning to the stage for a very special and intimate gig in his hometown of Melbourne as a precursor of what will be a very busy year for him. He will be performing two sets featuring solo material off his upcoming album Sublime – Songs Of Metaphysics, Science And Ecology, as well as songs from his musical past, at The Retreat Hotel Brunswick onSunday 26th April.

Charlie is one of those rare performers who is guaranteed to draw the audience in with his poetic, romantic, philosophical meditations on life, love, fear, science and the universe. He writes with passion, soul and thought, and his playing style migrates from gentle, lush moments to raging beguiling intensity when in full flight.

Charlie has been the guitar-slinging backbone for many of Melbourne’s finest bands over the past four decades. He formed much loved cult band Harem Scarem with his brother Chris in the 1980s along with Melbourne musical god Chris Wilson and Barry Palmer (Hunters and Collectors). Together they were a dynamite force performing songs in the key of punk blues with a ferocity unlike many others.

In the 90s he delved into more indie rock terrain with The Body Electric and released six albums, along with a dream team of band members Jim White and Warren Ellis from The Dirty Three, and Brian Hooper from Beasts Of Bourbon. As if that wasn’t enough – Body Electric lineups also featured the incredible pedigree of members of legendary outfits The Avalanches, Silver Ray, Moodists and Dumb Earth.

2015 will see Charlie Marshall release his aforementioned solo album, engage in some European gigs, reissue some Body Electric material under the guise of Charlie Marshall And The Body Electric – Won’t Give Up as well as return to various stages to entertain the many fans of his work.

Be sure to catch Charlie Marshall as he performs a very rare and intimate gig at Retreat Hotel Brunswick on Sunday 26th April from 5pm. The gig will feature Charlie playing two sets and entry is free.

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