Star Scene: Guy Pearce

December 3, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

Guy Pearce’s scene is quite different to what the singer-songwriter ever imagined. He states: “Well, these days it’s all about my little boy, Monte. He’s my scene. Temporarily living here in Queens Park, London while Carice […]

Star Scene: Throwback Thursday: Tim Wheeler ~ 2016

November 15, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

ASH are visiting our shores again this November. Here’s a Throwback Thursday to 2016 with an interview by Mary Boukouvalas with singer/songwriter/guitarist Tim Wheeler.     ASH‘s Tim Wheeler has a scene that is a 90s rock kid’s dream. The Northern Irish guitarist […]

Star Scene: Tim Wheeler ~ ASH

November 13, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

In the last few years Tim Wheeler‘s scene has somewhat diverged from when he was “a teenager, in a plaid shirt, playing in a three-piece rock band, in the days of Nirvana” to a different […]

Star Scene: Chris Jericho ~ FOZZY

November 8, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

Chris Jericho‘s scene is harmoniously balanced. The singer of heavy rock band FOZZY states: “On tour, I just sit in the dressing room after the show, having a couple of drinks, listening to music with the […]

Star Scene: Matt Johnson ~ THE THE

October 4, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

Matt Johnson’s scene is calming. The legendary THE THE founder states: “My scene is meditating, playing chess, and having as much silence as possible.” Currently Johnson’s reality is anything but silent. He is conducting interviews […]

Star Scene: Steven Wilson

September 27, 2018 Mary Boukouvalas

Steven Wilson’s scene is one he describes as “nerdy” though many would see as bliss. The multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer, award winner, states: “My scene, when I’m not working, is being at home with a cup […]

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