Star Scene: Henry Wagons

Henry Wagons’ scene is “anyone who welcomes a hairy, gold wearing, hot air blowing idiot to a dinner table”.

Henry, along with his band Wagons, is playing the Between the Bays Festival for the first time on 28th February. He says he’s looking forward to it. They’ll be playing songs from their latest album which was released in March last year. He commented that “we’ve been across 3 continents and pushed from pillar to post ever since it came out but it’s been a really good run. Lo and behold the reception’s been ok we’re hoping that carries through into 2015.” The single “Why Do You Always Cry” was accompanied by a live video of the band, which Henry says got a really good response.

This run of shows inspired by the album have been really good. Been fun for me anyway.

This time of year is very busy for the band “We’ve got festivals each week from Port Fairy to Byron Bay,to Port Macquarie. We’re only home half the week each time. We’re playing a whole bunch throughout March and then I’m going to be off to the states to record a solo album shortly after that.” he says, “It’s definitely going to be a busy year.

The solo album is going to be recorded in Nashville, but Henry’s planning to visit a friend in Canada, where he might do some recording as well. He explained that “I’ve got grand plans to sort travel around a bit and record here and there. I think it might mmake for an interesting album of different spaces and places.

As far as good “on the road stories” go, he’s circumspect “I have too many. Probably none of them are fit for public consumption. you know most of the ones that are fit for public consumption just involve air conditioning settings in the van and and the fact that my drummers feet stink when he takes his shoes off. Nothing too interesting.” Although he continues “we’ve been been lucky enough to visit some strange and exotic places. You know, eating vietnamese food from the side of the road in Ho Chi Minh City before a gig over there. Flying into one of Canada’s most northern cities – Saskatoon – and driving 3 hours North in the state of Saskatchewan – higher in terms of latitude than many people on this earth get to go – and play a festival up there to a bunch of drug addled teenagers at the Ness Creek Festival and being put up in a half finished log cabin with bear warnings every 4 hours throughout the night. We’ve had our share of road experiences. You’ve got that and tinkling the ivories in the dressing room at the Sydney Opera House. it’s very stanrge the places you end up.”

Henry thinks that his music in food form could be described as “probably a bacon and peanut butter sandwich on think white bread washed down with a bourbon milkshake. I’m pretty obsessed by fat Elvis Presley in particular. Just before death. At the peak of his eating and musical powers.

Wagons is going to be on a break for a little while but, we’re assured that they won’t be locked up for long. Henry says “The band is definitely in full force. I’m going to do a solo record and tour it for a little bit, but we’re already plotting the next record with the band as well, which I think will be recorded in the summer. There definitely won’t be any shortage of my songs brainwashing everyone in both solo and band form, over the coming year or two.

Between The Bays 2015
Saturday 28th February 2015
James Reyne, Mark Seymour, Custard, Wagons, Sweet Jean, Combo La Revelcion, Indigenous Hip Hop Projects & The Billabong Boys

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