Q&A Scene: Abbe May


Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
I’m in the process of developing music for a new record (to be recorded later this year). I like to play music live while I am doing this because it is a super fast track way to develop music and ideas. I have a one woman band set up for this regional tour.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Deep fried unicorn horn because what a question! ;)

Any on the road anecdotes?
I once sat next to a very famous and very controversial American rap artist on a plane during the Big Day Out Tour. I’m fairly certain he was flicking through a porn magazine like it was Rolling Stone. All casual like.  I had my side eyes on but I’m fairly certain that is what i saw. Those pornos are weird, huh! In my opinion, they aren’t very sexy – I guess that’s how someone could flick through one casually in public. I ‘spose I’m more of a ‘brains man’ than a ‘tits and arse man’.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Connection is inspiring. Music is a great connector. I like to connect but I don’t particularly like being around people in a conversational situation.. I’m terrible at parties. Performing live music is more my type of connection. I’d rather sing for someone than talk about the weather.

What’s next for you?
Heading home to the coast of WA to record my next album. I’ve learnt a lot from the previous 4 albums.. enough to know that i can’t fall into any sense of security about my knowledge in the field or it will halt the progress. I’m trying to stay open minded and not get stuck on an idea or sound.

What’s your scene?
I like the beach more than anything. The beach feels like home all year round. In terms of a scene…I actually prefer to hermit most of the time. I have a few friends whom i enjoy spending time with. I like fruity, funny people. I avoid people who lack empathy. If i must go out I like to find the darkcorners of quiet bars with one or two close friends.

About Abbe May

Aria award nominee Abbe May is making her debut at The Saucer this June and we couldn’t be more excited! Abbe is one of Australia’s most respected and exciting songwriters and vocalists. Her live performances are charismatic, intense and provocative. The impressive multi-instrumentalist artist has an ever growing audience and catalogue of songs about love and lust that could almost be romantic if it weren’t for the vitriol.


Tour Details

Flying Saucer Club
Thursday 18th June

PRICES:Reserved Seating: $25 + bf
General Admission: $15 + bf
Door (GA): $20 (GA)
TIMES:Doors Open: 6pm (seats / dining), 8pm (GA)
Showtime: 8.30pm

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