Q&A Scene: The Last 5 Queers


Tell us about your new show?
THE LAST FIVE QUEERS is essentially a song cycle of music by renowned music theatre composer Jason Robert Brown, However, in creating this show we have re contextualised the songs to tell stories of bi and homosexual relationships. It’s a character story, about people and sexuality, told through some of JRB’s best songs.
How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 
The sound of the show is very much a banquet of many flavours and tastes. And we hope that will be the appeal of the piece, that it will resonate with different people on different levels. Especially with the music. It is not just a show for a music theatre audience. It’s a show for people who enjoy theatre, great music and real stories.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?

With me personally, ‘I’m not afraid of anything’ really resonates with me. I think because it has the beautiful optimism of a character who is guns blazing and ready to take on the world. That song is actually such a foundation for our show, because it portrays the idea that we as human beings can do anything, and should be brave to take the leaps and have adventures, as some of our characters do throughout the show.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

[pullquote] ‘I’m not afraid of anything’ really resonates with me. I think because it has the beautiful optimism of a character who is guns blazing and ready to take on the world. [/pullquote]The world around me. I think the best thing any artist can have is curiosity, and the drive and passion to explore. I’d like to think that when I am blessed with inspiration and creativity results, that it comes from just being absolutely open and willing the except what is around me and the experiences and thoughts I am having.
The original inspiration for THE LAST FIVE QUEERS came from my co-writer/co-producer Madi Lee. We were both music theatre performers not in long term contracts. Neither of us were in a show, so it came time to simply make a show for ourselves! Madi has a great love and knowledge of Jason Robert Brown’s music, and so in creating a show built around his songs, we longed to do something a little different. The result was a show where people will experience his songs in ways they may never have.
What’s next for you?
I am in the cast for a new musical called ‘Housewarming’ by Will Hannagan and Belinda Jenkin. We are presenting excerpts from the show in a one night only performance at 45 Downstairs before the full show is put on at the end of the year.
I am also writing and working with my band NOVELLO. www.facebook.com/novellomusic

What’s your scene?

Art is my scene. No labels, restrictions or judgement. I love art in all it’s varied glory.

About the Last Five Queers

For three nights only, experience the beautiful music of Tony Award-winning composer, lyricist and playwright Jason Robert Brown in a whole new light. 

The Last Five Queers is a song cycle of music by renowned composer Jason Robert Brown, with a slight twist. The stunning music has been reimagined to tell the intertwined lives of five characters and their understanding of sexuality.

The production features performances from five of Australia’s finest up-and-coming music theatre stars. The performers traverse love, loss, loneliness and sexuality, observing the personal and universal stories inherent to the music. It is a heart warming production, filled with laughter and touching stories that will connect with any audience member who has played a lead character in their own love story.


Show Details

Dates: 28th-30th April
Time: 8pm Tues and Wed, 9pm Thurs.
Cost: $25-32
Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne 3000
Ticket link: thebutterflyclub.com/

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