Q&A Scene: Monique Sebire ~ TRIPLE R Presenter

What show do you present on Triple R? When can we catch you on air?

Out on the Patio – every Wednesday 4pm-7pm

How long have you been at the radio station?

I started out doing fills in mid-2016

When did present your first show? How did that come about?

Like most, my first show was a Graveyard about two years ago. I then went on to fill in on as many shows as I could, before – much to my surprise – I was offered the drivetime spot to present Out on the Patio.

What is your earliest recollection of Triple R?

Born and raised in Melbourne, I can’t quite pinpoint the first time I saw a RRR bumper sticker, but I feel like I’ve always been aware of it. My older sister did high school work experience at Triple R when I was about 10, though, and I remember thinking it sounded like a pretty cool place.

What, or who, inspires you?

I’m inspired by the need to rid the world of toxic masculinity. On a more tangible level, I think I’m generally inspired by people who do good yet retain humility. I’ve somehow managed to find myself with a partner and friends who are incredibly impressive people and let me bask in their reflected glow– intelligent, creative, funny, talented, driven people who make a truly positive difference in the world. But my favourite thing is that they’re just a whole lot of fun to be around. I’m also inspired by my family, especially Mum – she failed Year 12 after the sudden death of her father, only to go back in her 30s, after having three kids, to study for over a decade and become a psychologist. Now she spends her days helping people recover from trauma.

What genre of music is your favourite?

I love listening to a wide range so it is very hard to narrow it down to just one! Luckily, in my show I don’t have to – there’s a time and a place for folk, alt-country, garage, punk, rock, hip hop, pop, soul, funk, disco, electronic and techno; I just never know what time and place all the listeners are in, so I try to cover it all!

How would you describe your choice of music in food form?  

A smorgasbord (RIP Smorgy’s).

Why is Triple R important? Why should we subscribe?

Triple R is integral to Melbourne – as a station it nurtures young talent, independent media, and gives a voice to those who otherwise wouldn’t be heard. As a community, it is inclusive, diverse, and tuned in to what Melburnians (and Australians in general) are all about. It truly is a unique asset and we should not take it for granted. Plus, subscribers are entitled to heaps of benefits (gigs, screenings, giveaways) all year round.

What’s your scene?

There’s a risk of being pigeonholed when you associate yourself with one particular scene, but the scene around Triple R – one that encapsulates a love of music, diversity, independence and creativity – is pretty great.



When Monique Sebire isn’t at Triple R, she works as a digital content coordinator and will soon be a secondary school teacher.


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