Feature Scene: Video Premiere – Beachwood

October 24, 2019 Mary Boukouvalas

The effortlessly cool Beachwood have announced two singles God Only Knows and Marbles (out tomorrow, October 25).  Their compelling, hypnotic brand of electro pop shines bright on both tracks; completely mastering an unexpected cover in God Only Knows, and […]

Literary Scene: Kim Volkman: For Those That Dance with the Skeleton – a book of short stories

September 25, 2019 Sharon Brookes

How to begin writing about Kim Volkman’s second autobiographical publication other than to use a metaphor? Think of the mind like a mansion, and Volkman’s first book The Devil Won’t Take Charity as the entry way. Think then of the stories in For Those Who Dance with the Skeleton as the front windows. It is an unusual way to write about life experiences; the short story genre, but you will be amazed at just how well short stories work in this instance. […]

Vintage Guitar Scene: 1957 Danelectro U2 Green

July 26, 2019 Martin Cilia

These guitars were made in the U.S.A. as budget instruments. I would think quite a few were made back in the day, but not sure how many original examples would have survived until the present day. These original examples are very rare here in Australia. […]

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