Q&A Scene: Slumberhaze


Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
Nothing But You is a song written for an upcoming Fantasy/Horror Epic Visual series called VETUS. It was inspired by lead star Rosa, a vampire hunter. Its set in the 15 century and is crazy and romantic! The song was written in 1.5hrs on a couch, then took 6 months to finish. Our new EP is ‘Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance (Part 3)’ and is the final instalment to our 3 EP trilogy.
We have a Twin Week Showcase at Oxford Art Factory on Friday May 22nd & Friday May 29th.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
This is an interesting question, fresh! Imagine a buffet that has rich eastern European cuisine, soul food from Atlanta & New Orleans, and dessert from tropical islands, with Kava to chase. I hope this paints the picture.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
Nothing But You strongly connects to me. Ive lived those lyrics for many years and still do today, without my other half I would be in a totally different predicament.

Any on the road anecdotes?
We try to have a lot of laughter in the van. This means a lot of teasing. At night, things may change, there aren’t many laughs, and one poor sucker needs to drive. Zoran & Liam are the ones to watch, both who have no idea what theyre doing. Our last trip to Victoria, we had 2 cars and we both lost of priveledge to drive in Victoria for 12 months, for speeding 45km/h and over. Its hilarious because the cop pulled us both over at the same time and Zoran thought I just pulled up behind him for moral support!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Emotion and wisdom for lyrics, and hope. As for our music, I have been a fan of hip hop since a baby, and soul music. But its more about not drawing inspiration and drawing our own picture. I suppose that’s our inspiration, to create something as original as possible.
What’s next for you?
We are aiming high, we have a catalogue of unheard music, concepts, shows, theatrics, movies, sketches and clips. Nothing is unrealistic and we want to be heard & seen on a global level. We have a path and we are following it and nothing else.

What’s your scene?
Our scene is folk that are interested in change. Not just music, but breaking the norm, the boundaries and stereotype of Australian ‘rock/pop’ music. Unpredictable, the question marks, the new jokers in town. Don’t Believe The Haze.

About Slumberhaze

A creative collaboration from Sydney, Australia. Musically thematic, dark hip-pop and soulful taste – Slumberhaze debut creative concept named RHYME, RHYTHM & ROMANCE is a trilogy spanning 3 EPs, 6 music videos & 12 songs.

RRR Part 1 released in 2013 garnered critical acclaim with stellar reviews and hype, as well as tracks used on art, film & sports projects around the globe.

Lead single Cool Don’t Stop off RRR Part 2 was debuted by Richard Kingsmill on JJJ with Double J picking up the song for high rotation. Late 2014, Slumberhaze were approached by acclaimed and award winning director/producer ALAN CHEN to write a theme conjunction with the release of the Vetus trailer, Slumberhaze track titled “Nothing But You” will be released as the official music video for Vetus.

A visually stunning, dark and hauntingly beautiful video clip showcasing sneak peaks of Vetus.

The production is based around sweeping chords & soul filled lyrics – openly explores the vulnerability of love, trust, time & the omnipresent. RRR Part 3 is set for release in June 2015, preceding the debut album RHYME, RHYTHM & ROMANCE (THE ALBUM) for November 2015.

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