Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 27

Dad Keith is off to a flier, ordering all the kiddies to clean their rooms. Sara takes it exceptionally well, chucking a pretty good tanty and literally chucking planks of wood around in protest. She says she doesn’t care about being seen doing it. In fact she doesn’t give a f*&k. She says.

Everything’s hectic upstairs at B & C’s, trades are getting jammed because of various delays and wotnot, and something about a tiler needed so shaggy haired Macca the Builder goes yeah nah I’ll do your tiling. Handy. Meanwhile Spence doesn’t even have a tiler or seem to have even thought of one. No cash Courtney gives her styling advice using a 70s sponge cake as an analogy.

Interesting, so Foreman Dan is only checking now (65% finished) that everyone’s going to have a level floor at the front door. Whaaaaaa? Now? Only seems to be a problem thought at B&C’s place. C’mon shaggy haired Macca, what’s going on?

Yikes, the herringbone floorboards have to come up, luckily the glue hadn’t set. Yet.

Oop I spoke to soon, the levels are out with Hayden and Sara too. Dan says to Hayden how could it have happened under his watch when he’s a project manager, Dan estimates an 8 hour job, Hayden reckons that’s BS so Dan questions whether he even cares. Dan, Hayden has enough to deal with.

But Hans is all “hold my beer” as he notices a bow in their ceiling, so Keith gets up on a ladder and his professional opinion went something like “Woah. That’s a lot of water up there”. Hans asks is there a temporary solution? Keith says “Just drill a hole and let it drain”. OK then. Tarps down!

I think you’re going to need a bigger bucket mate! Nah, turns out that it dribbled out a bit but not content with that Keith drills another hole, and another, and then six more before deciding that wasn’t good enough and hacks a manhole size flap in the plaster. Oh no worries, that should just buff out…

And decrees: this ceiling has to come down. But due to the water coming from an external issue, they don’t have to fix it.

Jess and Norm have been pretty absent so far, Jess is pretty non-plussed about putting her hallway together. She jumps back online for some Art and spots a red piece she quite likes – remember she’s got a sophisticated gut – and the retailer tells her that it’s selling for $150THOUSAND.

So google helps Jess out and she stumbles upon the St Kilda Art Crawl. Unreal! A great local initiative. But back the truck up! Jess was a what?

She bowled for Australia. Amazing! But why is she meeting her old bowling buddy Mick Pacholli at Tolarno when the premier social bowls club St Kilda Sports Club (known to us as The Bowlo, or once upon a time I referred to it as my lounge room) is only a block further up! Anyway she’s talking to Mick about getting some local art – Mick coordinates various artists in residence and installations and stuff around the hood and he’s even putting on a writer’s festival in the next couple of weeks.

Back to The Block and it’s going great guns again up with B&C they’ve got their floor ripped up and re-laid already. Hayden doesn’t seem to be having as much of a swift recovery. We get some footage of late-night exhausted dancing and we should be seeing a new day very soon.

Diddums, everyone’s got crook. Might be similar to what I had last week. Awful but it passes. Kerrie’s on a mission to get some art to shake off the staid look they’d had a bit of criticism for and if it’s the piece I saw in their hallway YES THANKS. Off to Armadale it looks like and yep it’s the Firebird. 100 points to you Kerrie

Jess had to leave the Block to get some fab prints, she had some articles about the opening of The Gatwick framed up, I noted them near the bedroom and I really did like the touch, very thoughtful. Norm is barely alive from his epic ManFlu. And they find out that their plasterers are hoping to finish up early, today for family time. Sounds like they assumed the site was in lock-down for the weekend like every other site in Victoria. Might need to communicate that. Am guessing it really was Easter after all (that I’d assumed last night).

Jess rings seemingly about fifty plasterers and one guy said yeahkay. But nokay, he didn’t have the right tickets. So he’s gonski before startski.

B&C are summoned to The Block Shop to meet with Scotty and the Bank Manager. Invoice irregularities! They may have to pay more for the lights than they’d so far forked out – just a lazy $5k is now due. I love when drama is thrown at the girls they just reply “yeah ok”, don’t flare up and do what is required.

Time is running out but there’s got to be a group challenge called… c’mon Scotty. Yay! A cooking challenge, most of them don’t like cooking! Hahahahaha they have to cook for 100 on the deck at Circa (upstairs from the Prince). Not only that, the contestants have to sell tickets to the lunch for the Fr Bob Maguire Foundation.

Ohh boo they get chef help to sort out ingredients for the dish they think they want to make. Sara’s making a bikini slice (Bacon and Zucchini perhaps). But they all go on a separate field trip to the South Melbourne Market (I’m there at least once a week!) if they weren’t driving they could get the 96 tram door to door and it takes about ten minutes max.

Wow and we see a budding BFF relationship between Courtney and Sara…

The new besties have been at the Metro Woolworths up the road, where the 96 tram turns into the ‘light rail’ into the city (the site of the former St Kilda Train Station where the start of this classic Hunters and Collectors video was filmed. Trains stopped running July 1987. Now in that space there’s a fab hairdressers Yoshiko and a pub and the very tasty Pizza e Birra. Just up from the supermarket is the Bowlo I was talking about before)


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