Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 19

A walk out is promised tonight kids!

Yasss it’s Jess FM! That’s a ridiculously fancy desk for a narrow broadcast “radio station”!

At ten past seven on this particular morning Jess rolls with her first broadcast, waking up the Block in a style unlike Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, Frasier, Neil Mitchell or Ray Hadley (what other broadcasters do people know from popular culture) but starts with a bit of scandalous gossip on B&C and alleged fake eyelashes. Sara cops it too for her “eye verandas”.

On a roll Jess slams Foreman Keith for his comments about Bianca being arrogant on last night’s episode saying he “must feel threatened that it’s 2018 and there’s a woman on the Block that can beat him in an arm wrestle!” GO JESS!

“Sounds like Keith was being a bit of a dick to be honest!”

The microphone is a very powerful tool and Jess uses it to get onto the front foot regarding the whispers and derision over their want to put in a pool. And blames it squarely on Courtney.

Jess offers some brilliant insight into radio program producing and getting guests on the show “When you first start a show you pretty much put on whatever guests who say yes”…

And that first guest is – Norm. BIG COUP. They play a parlour game “Kiss. Jail. Throw off a Cliff”

A lack of microphone for Norm doesn’t deter them and he’d: kiss Spence; Throw Hans in Jail; and Kerrie will be off the cliff for getting in the way of him kissing Spence.

The highlight for me though in Jess FM’s debut broadcast was Jess telling norm to F&*CK off before she wrapped it up. DUMP BUTTON

So to the actual renovating stuff, but first! The mighty Led Zeppelin play, and if I’m going to share a video it HAS to be this live footage <good to see the music budget’s back this week>

Preparations are under way for Spence’s fancy ceiling and the wrong acoustic mounts (or clips have been used), can you put this in retrospectively because of the gajillion flats I’ve lived in the sound from upstairs is intolerable (same for everyone else I know)

If the correct ones are installed properly they sound awesome. But ForeDan has noticed that Spence’s are wrong so must be swapped out. Scotty pointedly says “shouldn’t be a problem…”

In a pretty impressive mega-mix there’s more Led Zeppelin, some Black Keys Gold on the Ceiling, The White Stripes hardest shuffle and Pat Benetar. Wowee. While Scotty runs through everything that Courtney and Hans need to do with their massive lounge and dining space.

Courtney heads off to look at luxe dining chairs and Sara is miffed to discover they rock up to the same joint (google tells me this special outlet is in Springvale MILES away). And to make matters worse they don’t have Sara’s dream couch in stock (shoulda letya fingers do the walking!) Ruh roh and she’s told by the sales assistant that the dining table she prefers will be too small for the intended space! And if that isn’t enough she’s chosen chairs that were already used in The Block two years ago! How embarrassment.

Might be some time for more anxious breathing…

“I feel sick, cause I thought I’d organised all of this yesterday”.

After the break B&C reveal their secret weapon for this week: their air conditioning vent!

Also, good to see Bianca’s wonky helmet again *drink*

Keith delivers the news to Norm and Jess with an horrendous amount of bluster in between about whether they can have their much hoped for swiveling fireplace. More drawn out that Eddie telling someone if they’ve won the big bucks on Millionaire Hotseat. Of course it’s fine.

And then there’s a magnificent shot from the drone East, the tennis courts and Albert Cricket Ground between City Road and St Kilda Road, Fawkner Park opposite the exceptional trauma hospital The Alfred towards what looks like a satellite city in either South Yarra or perhaps Richmond… must be South Yarra. So much high rise though it’s a bit weird.

Cashed up Kerrie and Spence pull out a special for their living room and one-up (potentially) B&C ordering a television that masquerades as a mirror! BUT now we have to look again at the acoustic bracket thingys they might have been using that the engineer didn’t approve for their fancy coiffured ceiling. Dan’s telling them to pull a lot of stuff down. And Spence get a bit potty mouthed…

Ooh The Strokes’ Last Night, good tune again tonight.

Now Spence is talking to the camera about how much acousticy stuff he’s already got up there, so the data sheet is being sought out. Dan doesn’t reckon it exists. Not for the first time I’m worrying about Spence’s ability to roll with issues that arise.

Back to happy land as Norm and Jess continue to surprise and delight picking some superb pieces from a store that stocks items from the Milingimbi community in the Northern Territory. I WANT THIS SIDEBOARD

And we get another brief interlude of positivity as Courtney goes shopping at a business dealing in Indonesian furniture and stuffs.

Then we get a brief look into the dark clouds of Kerrie and Spence and an indication of what explosiveness might be going on. And Kezza is not happy! She’s standing by her man.

The data sheet is still not forthcoming, Spence does his best hand modelling and says the thingys they put in look pretty much exactly the same as the ones they were supposed to put in “Potato Potarto”:

So he’s effectively wasted a whole day waiting for the data sheet from his plasterer and has refused to pull the bits down in the interim on the off chance it is wrong. Kerrie’s take “Not happy Jan. Sounds like a load of Bullshit to me”.

Massive tv incoming for B&C (75 whoppers) but it goes back to the big or small issue and have decided to send it back and get a slightly less obtrusive one.

Carla goes to everyone’s favourite furniture shop this episode and gets in and out before Sara even draws breath from feeling sick earlier in the episode (Scotty reckons 6 hours). How hard is it to pic a fricken couch etcetera. And the rollercoaster plummets again and for her post shop interview the waterworks are back “In real life I’m self confident”…

Yeah-he-hesss! Ever supportive Husband Hayden is back on the booze:

Now she’s saying a piano is going to be too polarising for “the buyers”, according to Shaynna. But she hasn’t spoken to Shaynna about it. And she’s also worried that if piano players wanted to buy the apartment they’d already have a piano. And Hayden chips in with some allegory about people with X Boxes, Sara lapses into a coma. Or something.

Erm WTF have you bought Courtney? W> T> A> F?

Meanwhile poor Norm reckons he’s that knackered he feels like a 20 year old lawnmower. But in a donut led recovery he was Back! (In black) That was like me earlier today after a double shift I smashed an M&Ms choccy bar and – ping! Who says sugar is bad for you!?

But we all grind to a halt again as Spence and Dan have their frank chat, Spence effectively saying stuff you I’m not putting my ceiling up now after being dicked around with the sound thingys

Dan: “So you’re going to deliver a room without any ceiling?”

Spence: “Yeah. Pretty much”

Toddler tantrum. Are you going to finish that pumpkin? No. FU mum.

OOh Kerrie explodes and uncoils like a cobra in an on camera interview “What’s the point? What is the point? Of changing it right now” They talk about going back to the Barossa and not dealing with nonsensical crap. The estimated four hours work isn’t worth it apparently.

Air keys everybody, it’s Hall and Oates time! Progress report: B&C seem on top of things; Jess has found some more furniture (a love seat that’s high end…); Sara’s reserves have completely depleted “It’s not even funny”; Courtney may be able to avoid a meltdown, she thinks, maybe.

Back to Kerrie and Spence and they’re having a fairly honest chat with lots of swearing about how they feel about the situation including an “Eff You Dan!” and they are out of there!

WALK OUT (according to Norm)

Dramatic scenes! They walk towards the beach, take the mics off and Kerrie ditches her pink vest, followed by Spence “I’m so f*&^ing over it”.

And the final song of the night my favourite Queen tune

I’m a shooting star leaping through the sky
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I’m a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I’m gonna go go go
There’s no stopping me!

Ooh and it looks like tomorrow we finally get the Maccas bag!

What a week! See you tomorrow x

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