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Scene News: Def Leppard Playing The Epic “Hysteria” Album In Full Plus Other Songs From Their Catalogue This November

THURSDAY APRIL 26, 2018 – Rock icons, DEF LEPPARD, have extended their 70-plus US and UK tour to run riot Down Under, finally playing their landmark, longest recording in full – 1987’s seminal Hysteria LIVE!

German rock legends, special guests SCORPIONS join the tour for the first-ever multi-city tour of
Australia in the band’s 50-plus- years history. […]

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Recipe Scene: Cherry Danishes

This is an easy, cheats version of a cherry Danish. To make proper Danishes takes quite some time – all that flaky pastry rolling and folding. For this version however I use bought puff pastry. If you’ve got the time then by all means make your own pastry, but if not a good quality butter puff pastry works really well. I make my own custard, but if pressed for time you can use shop bought. I’ve made these with cherries, but they are equally delicious with any fresh or tinned fruit. […]