Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 26

Not sure if any of you caught the must-see-tv of A Current Affair between the News and The Block tonight but Jess was on it and they were talking about trolls and she read out some of the nasty correspondence she (and Norm) have been getting on Facebook and Twitter. Honestly horrific slurs on their character and appearance, plus we learn that Courtney has been receiving death threats over the pool. Jess, clearly does get affected by the words by real people, but she seems to have a great attitude to call it out and ultimately laugh it off. I’m (touch wood) pretty immune from the worst of the worst trolling and I love Social Media stay safe and be nice everyone!

TUNE! The Hardest Button To Button! I’ve never known what that means but it’s a cracking track from The White Stripes who played in St Kilda at the much loved and much missed Pure Pop Records early on in their career (when they were still pretending to be brother and sister…who were married…) they did some telly here too.

Scotty talks about Kerrie and Spence getting the clean sweep of 10s for last night’s kitchen reveal and the camera crew show them having pretty low key celebrations over muesli. It really is superb. I must post that sneaky vid I took of it tonight on my Insta that I promised last night.

I want what Courtney’s on! Ever energetic and ready to riff she’s providing a song and dance routine this time for Hallway Week. (And laundry and powder-room/s)

They check in with Norm and Jess who look a little concerned about the amount of ground they need to cover and that it’s three vastly different oeuvres. (Jess didn’t say oeuvre but I think that’s the general vibe).

Maybe this is the week I’ll see the formation of The Most Pointless Room On The Block Ever dot org dot au.

UmmmmAhhhhh someone’s blacked out one of Sara’s teeth in the publicity shot on the wall!

Husband Hayden after another fight? No barneys yet as they sign off on some details about their laundry, which is going to have similar features to their bees dick away from winning kitchen. Good move.

Bianca and her wonky hard hat have a conference with Carla stepping through how their hallway is going to be structured with the artwork they want, and they’re going to uplight it. Ooh la la!

Chipper Keith and Dan remind everyone (well just B&C) that with the public holiday on Friday, the ‘wet areas’ must be started today (Monday) and waterproofed tomorrow. But doesn’t look like they have the people booked in for that to happen. Ruh Roh.

When too much Led Zeppelin is never enough, they get us back out of the break as everyone goes into panic mode to get their three-in-one reveals underway. I’m trying to work out what public holiday there was on a Friday and I can only think of the big one – Good Friday… so does that mean restrictions on other days too or are they going just a bit heathen and respecting the one major day? Who am I to judge, this year was the first time In My Life that I ate a meat product on Good Friday. Won’t the nuns be turning in their grave (and not for the first time about my behaviour)!

Courtney and Hanseses hallway is 17 metres long, they tell us, that’s 55 feet(ish). Yikes that’s right they also don’t got no cash! So they have to take the controversial lady painting from their master bedroom to the hock shop. Oh no sorry, The Block Shop.

Remember I noted down in that room reveal ep blog Courtney had the palm painting there too and I wondered where it may or may not go, on the wall now! But “Harriehighpants” has a no refund policy, like most shops, so they can put that amount towards something else. Which is a good segue for a big shopping segment for everyone to get their tiles and wotnots.

Oh I forgot that Kerrie and Spence got a fancy toilet in their barrage of safe goodies, how does it go Kerrie?

A bit of a woo woo on your hoo hoo and a “bit of a ball tickle”, according to Spence.

Ominous music as everyone piles into the cars, they’re heading off to the buyer’s advocates. I have amnesia when it comes to this aspect of the competition/show. Interesting, as B&C drive off with Jess and Norm, Jess says that she reckons the girls’ apartment and Kerrie and Spence will be the most desirable to the buyer’s advocates. Which is pretty much how I feel after seeing them all finished last week.

Right so the buyer’s advocates have already been into the apartments (65% complete) and the ‘best one’ gets ten grand, now packages of them walking through each one and giving their opinion.

Sorry went to make a cup of tea, what’s been happening? Oh and I went down the shops for a packet of bikkies. Then washed the cat. Where’s the remote?

Summation please Scotty? No! Ok just scores to tally from the advocates. Ooh and Jess decides to use their +1 bonus gnome. Wake me when it’s done. Oh fer crying out loud another freakin adbreak.

Wow by one and a half points (so only just with the gnome) Norm and Jess get the bikkies. So Bianca and Carla miss out again!? Crazy!

Next morning the crews wake up Norm and Jess and Bianca and Carla respectively, Jess seems a little flat despite the win focusing on some comments from social media about them being the ugly ducklings of the penthouse or something and then B&C seem extremely flat after not winning the advocates prize. Fair enough. But someone’s about to bring the fun…

B&C went to grab a coffee and I think I saw Courtney in there and Kerrie too but they schlepped back over to be greeted to a bit of whimsy. B&C’s trades all pop on a Melbourne Vixens netty dress and jump on the tools, the girls look genuinely delighted at the ridiculous gesture. Of course Sergeant and Constable Plod Foremans Keith and Dan enter in a “What’s this? Oh no! Too much for my heterosexual eyes” pantomime. Here’s the lineup!

Enough of the manly shenanigans, Keith and Dan have to go tut tut about some NQR waterproofing to remind everyone again why we’re here (Hallway week is flipped arse about to do laundry week first oh and powder-room).

What’s that Skip? Holes in the membrane the size of 20 cent pieces? Crikey! (*not actually size of 20 cent pieces), what a setback for B&C.

Anyhoo the preview for tomorrow or later in the week is tantalising! Hayden cracks it, Jess cries, Scotty cracks it and Sara chucks some timber around and at some point in and around all that Keith is forced to yell “I’m shuttin’ yez down!” Get the popcorn ready chickens!

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