Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 25

There’s been a number of opportunities this week to take a gander at The Gatwick in all its completed glory (if you do a hashtag search or three on Instagram you’ll probably see more than you bargain for with some people uploading photos of stuff that hasn’t gone to air yet)… I took some sneaky snaps but mindful of where the show is at, I’ll only post a couple of little photos that don’t give anything away.

It’s not the first series I’ve had a look around before auction day and this time I’ve had two looks – one at about half way and one the other day 100% completed. There’s been a few changes here and there to some of the apartments but not a lot of things (remember Courtney having a conniption about the lady or the palm… as an example) and the television really gives a different perspective! I did not hate the weird hallway in Courtney and Hans’ master bedroom – in real life it makes a tonne of sense. Jess and Norm’s bedroom lights look completely different – on the telly I loved them but up close, not as much.

And wait until you see the terrace’s! OMG. This is why I have trouble picking one. If I had eff off money I’d go with Bianca and Carla’s – it’s ridiculously spectacular (the view, the size, the everything). Kerrie and Spence’s is terrific and will probably be a strong contender on the day of the auction. I love Courtney and Hans’ for the space but I could probably nick a couple of things from Sara and Hayden and Jess and Norm to make it even more perfect, for me. Jess and Norm’s view of Fitzroy Street will be a lot of fun for whoever gets it.

Also: I am a renter and have an impeccable rental history if anyone needs me to take care of their investment property at The Gatwick… mates rates though please, reckon market will be out of my league sadly.

Also also: if you’re planning on being the successful bidder of Bianca and Carla’s penthouse, check all the cupboards and other hideout spaces because they may be in there. I saw them sitting on their couches the night I went in for a wander and they seem to have no intention of leaving and I don’t blame them!

Ok, show time! Ooh that’s right someone’s going to get a couple of 10s! I can guess who that might be but I don’t want to guess out loud and jinx it. Hopefully it’s the one I took a video of I loved it so much!

Ah games night I missed it when I was out… I hope they played Cards Against Humanity! Maybe not appropriate for the timeslot or the vaguely family friendly vibe. Sadly. Oh no of course not because they’ve launched The Block Monopoly. I don’t understand the bargaining of Jess asking for percentages of other’s takings. It’s become a lot more sophisticated when I used to play. And when I used to play the pieces were just plastic coloured things that were tagine shaped. No fancy wheelbarrows or whatever is in the ‘normal’ game.

Sara pulling out a genuine funny when they got a community chest equivalent card “You win Bathroom week. Oh that’s a change!” But pretty soon after she’s yelling at Husband Hayden again after a trade with Jess went wrong.

Hang on though as Kelis’ iconic track Milkshake plays suddenly I’m willing to test out whether I am indeed lactose intolerant or not

I don’t understand why and how that interrupted the Monopoly sequence but – way to go B&C

Now there’s a Cluedo style investigation about who’s colluding with who to strategically win this game of Block Monopoly.

But if you try sometime… you find you get what you need (thank you for another cranking track god bless the glimmer twins)

It never rains in St Kilda (lies) and it’s flooding in The Gatwick old section which is really concerning, but great piece coming back in from the adbreak (I’ve never known what this is called thank god for the google microphone ‘listen’ function it’s Flower Duet or Lakmé, for the bilingual at home)

Oh yeah, sorry that everyone’s dealing with the major issues but TERRITORIAL PISSINGS by Nirvana now! You really get me music editors.

Yuck. That’s that type of rain that sets in and says tools down, it’s off to the pub for a parma! Or an indulgent nana nap.

Oh stupid me, after 42 years you’d think I’d realise that it’s Melbourne weather so the front moves through and they’re all back to work to finish off the kitchens (remember that’s what we’re here for tonight).

As we build up to Scotty checking his watch and whistling at The Block for tools down, Hans rolls with another top choice via their branded kitchen device (Alexa) and I’m yet again impressed with the interpretive dance styles of Courtney

And we see while some madly rub and scrub, Kerrie insists on keeping with cut leeks as a styling option (stinky!) and B&C do their now trademark couch snooze.

Judging time already

Bianca and Carla were told by Shelley that their butler’s pantry was a monumental waste of space. Hmmm… it was more impressive than my actual kitchen. But it’s not up to me: Sexy and sophisticated and nailing their market so far they all think it’s just greatsch. The study nook for dwarves doesn’t get much other than derision. Woah no bin! Big no no! Oh it’s round the back where the living area can’t see it with the dishwasher. And the ginormous everything else.

Norm and Jess have the Get Smart theme to build up to the judges’ appraisal. Poor Norm almost broke again laying the floor. The judges coo over the marble bench top and they really like the cupboard finishes but expected them to be “more Scandi” leading Norm to ask “What’s Scandi”? Fair question but didn’t it used to be that Danish design was the BOMB and now it’s just reduced to Scandi… Oh Alexa for turning on the tap how cute but what happens if there’s a power outage! No bin here either! And they didn’t like the placement of the sink so close to the edge of the bench. I think it’s something I would easily get used to. Especially when you have another kitchen out the back. Oh also with a massive double sink. The Hogan Bogans love doubling up don’t they! The chevron tiles get the tick and I must admit I had to run my fingers over them in lust

Wonder if anyone thought of doing a Kosher kitchen.

Ha Addams Family for Hayden and Sara’s package. Oooh black kitchen, this is going to be interesting. And I’ve just remembered why I forgot what their kitchen was like from when I saw it last week. The judges reckon that the whole living space makes sense now with the orientation of their island bench. To be honest I didn’t notice the seating with storage under the windows and that’s also a pretty nice nod to deco era kitchens, often there’s a “breakfast nook” so built in seating is great to work in with their half and half idea they’re rolling with. Four ovens what heaven! Ha no powerpoints but like a moth to a summer light they’ve found Narnia (the butler’s pantry) it’s not wowing them but they do like it Shaynna would like to see some sophisticated styling. A few jars of dried pasta aint enough? Not one of the judges mentioned the sink. It was an abrasive black material that I reckon will be a complete bitch to keep clean.

Bewitched Courtney and Hans had the wobbly wall that was going to block their light what will the judges make of it? Dapper Neale starts of “it’s going to be divisive isn’t it” too disconnected from the living area. Not enough stools and not enough island bench space to sit around. The suggestion of a galley kitchen along the window might have been better. I LOVED the gold cabinetry and I’m not a gold person, it was really soft in colour, looks much brighter on the telly. The butler’s pantry is functional but at what expense. Big tick for the styling. Ohhh conniption Courtney regrets not changing the plans. Heartbreaking but yeah using the windows would have been great and then a massive pantry but not ‘second kitchen’ but everyone’s a critic with hindsight.

Kerrie and Spence got to spend up big with all their ‘safe’ prizes. I’m now thinking that this is what made me realise that I loved their apartment so much when I walked in… Shaynna nails it “It feels like home already”. Their integrated stools are great, very solid so you’ll never feel like you’re tipping unlike some bench seating which freaks me out. They love the styling and get the vibe of the produce and what it’s trying to evoke. As Shaynna opens everything she possibly can in the butler’s the only thing that comes to mind is that she wants to marry it. And so do I. It’s PERFECT. If they don’t get the 10s, I’m walking out. After I post my sneaky video to my Insta.

Moment of truth time, tally em up Scotty! Oh not before we get to see another set of fake bands coming up at The Palais!

Maggie and the Noodles, very good they could probably get a Tuesday residency at Cherry Bar; Digby and the RJs (was that originally going to be the BJs but someone thought better of it?); and Marble Arches (isn’t that an actual thing!?)

Dazza gives B&C 8.5 Norm and Jess 9 Sara and Hayden 9.5 Courtney and Hans 8 Kerrie and Spence 10 (bang!) Sara will be spewing

Shaynna always a bit harder B&C 8.5 Norm and Jess 8 Hayden and Sara 9.5 Courtney and Hans 7.5 (not surprisingly) Kerrie and Spence get another 10!

Dapper Neale gets the deciding vote, I’d be surprised if he gives Kerrie and Spence an 8 or under to lose… oh thank god for that the clean sweep for Kerrie and Spence there really wasn’t an other option!

It was good to see Sara genuinely pleased with her efforts.

Hallway, laundry and powder-room week with another public holiday banged in there for good measure. Oh I wonder if we’ll get to see the most ridiculous room in Block history that I noticed on my walk through… how’s that for a tantalising hook Scotty!

See you tomoz

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