Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 18

Aw come alive! Yeah! It’s Suzi Q to open up tonight’s episode, the bass playing babe has been a regular visitor to Australia over her 40 year career playing in St Kilda numerous times, she’s also been my inspiration since first seeing her as Leather Tuscadero in Happy Days.

Spotted during Scotty’s opening recap/preview monologue, what’s this subliminal message for the judges??

Ooh and doesn’t it look like people are going to be pushed to their limits for living and dining week, starting off with a public holiday so no power tools allowed and probably no shopping either! Then there’s the promised skullduggery and B&C will be Keithed! Fun, fun, fun for the whole family.

A walk through of the Master Bedrooms – just as an aside the ‘water cooler talk’ at my office today was that all were a bit meh – and it seems the contestants are similarly intrigued about Hayden and Sara’s win as some of the private messages I was getting. Ah well.

Courtney tips Kerrie and Spence to win <note that down>. Husband Hayden has gone the size factor of the ‘man cave’ which I kinda noted in last night’s recap but honestly how much time does anyone spend in their room when you pass teenager or share house status?

Anyway, fair to say the judges copped a fair and frank appraisal from the judged, particularly the hospital and retirement village jibes.

Biting off more than they can chew again, potentially, Hans and Courtney meet with their builder about plans seeing they’ve increased their floor space again, after reducing their terrace.

Spence is going to do another coiffured ceiling, his first one in the initial challenge was spectacular, be good to see it on a larger scale.

But all focus is back on Hans and Courtney who have been asked by Norm and Jess for some help to get some steel in to reinforce their terrace to put a pool in but “I’m eating yoghurt with a fork” Courtney needs some time out to think about whether to give them the advantage of putting in a clear auction winner.

Then we are reminded about why Norm and Jess are hoping to win The Block

The Kidlets! Childless couples of the world unite for being demonised again ;)

As Courtney and Hans meet at The Block shop discussing the notion of effectively handing Norm and Jess a hundred grand in allowing them to put in a pool, how would all the other contestants feel. Of course this screams Body Corporate meeting Hans. Call one! Ooh Jess isn’t happy, referring to it as The Pack Mentality. Hans stays firm on the it’s not a decision we can make on our own but Jess reckons Dan and Keith said it was just up to them. I smell a Scotty intervention brewing!

“Honestly, that’s so fine”

It’s never fine when you say it’s fine.

I’m not sure I like the new ruthless Jess throwing out terms like strategy.

See ya, good luck. What a shit sandwich. C’mon Norm and Jess betrayed? I don’t see that, am I missing something? Pools have caused so much trauma every time a pool has been mentioned on Le block.

Yuuuum, I love it when B&C abscond they’re up at the side of the Prince on Acland Street at the delightful Il Fornaio (pastries to die for). Having a budget and strategy (ha) meeting Carla is stressing about how to continue to surprise and delight.

Uh oh now Courtney’s talking with Hans about having a hypothetical chat with other Blockers about ‘what if’ someone was to put in a pool. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG

Lollercoaster of all the contestants to go to they’ve gone to:

Big surprise here, Sara’s like nup. No way. After she almost hyperventilates as she processes the information. Courtney mentions they were offered $2000 to help and Hayden almost laughs his pants off. Cat’s out of the bag… Oh wow Husband Hayden even gets ticked off with her in the couple interview about this impromptu meeting and calls her a dickhead and walks off.

Undeterred and filled with spirited vigour, Sara goes to dob on Norm and Jess to Kerrie and Spence who she’s probably only just meeting for the first time! (*jokes*)

Sara calls it a water feature, Kerrie says she doesn’t care if it’s a lap pool or a plunge pool Spence doesn’t seem fussed either almost challenging them to cock it up.

Hahaha Jess and Norm come back to talk to Courtney and Hans to say don’t worry about it, just don’t tell anyone. Courtney gets emotional in a couch interview about it. Oh the pressure, man.

“It’s all good, as long as you don’t tell anyone else, especially the girls” says Norm. Yeah, nah. All good!

But a check in with B&C they seem oblivious as to what the issue was between Courtney, Hans, Norm and Jess. Jess says she’s going to play the nice card from here but if they want something… good luck. Effectively. I just don’t know whose side I’m supposed to be on!

Pushing on Courtney and Hans meet with a furniture maker about a walnut dining table, they’ll be able to fit a 10 seater (12 if you put seats at the ends too) I don’t know if there’s 11 people I’d happily have sat together for a meal! Also – my oven’s not big enough! Maybe if I run the slow cooker at the same time… and a big salad… anyway

Upstairs Jess asks Keith for some more advice for one of her ‘what rich people like’ ideas – a fireplace! Real proper fireplace. Then hoofs off to do the all important bum test on some couches, at one point sitting on a mustard number that to me wasn’t really that appealing. Jess changed her mind and ended up picking this one, I like it much more and ends up in what’s becoming a new feature “Jess Wrestles Unsuspecting Shop Assistant To the Ground”:

Norm hires some tools, Sara goes get some floorboards but doesn’t want them to be too scandi and tells the camera that while they don’t have parquetry she drops something about a piano and a chandelier and gives this smile:

Eek now it’s time for Bianca and Carla to cop the dickhead spray from Keith. He starts off strong “Ya can’t be doing that, it’s cheatin'” then to Bianca directly “You’re smug about everything. Right? If you’re not installing your grill, you’re not finishing your room”.

After ad break he drops the don’t look at me like I’m a dickhead line, and he waves his proverbial around to “show them who’s boss”. K then.

Norm’s caught waving his around on his balcony, measuring up for the controversial pool so Keith is in on it now with the engineer about making it work without the support of the below floors. All systems go!

Sara goes into a piano shop and proudly states, with Husband Hayden next to her “We’re going to have a baby grand piano. That says Status Quo”… Oh classic Sara-speak!

Down down deeper and down?

Ah and she questions it immediately

Hayden then claims it as his idea and you can feel Sara stab him with a thousand invisible knives.

How fricken much is a Baby Grand? They’ve already dropped $75k on a bathroom no one liked… Oh gee whiz I don’t want to be unkind but PLEASE don’t sing Piano Man.

Keith not satisfied with his ripping of B&C he goes to Courtney and Hans’ to discuss the expense of using so many trades people. Have you seen the size of their joint, Keith? Ooh now he’s telling Hans he hasn’t been making use of his hands enough.

Ah the subliminal message I noticed at the start of the show isn’t actually terribly subtle, it’s Kerrie’s birthday present and inspiration to knock down a double brick wall in their lounge room:

Far out, they’re all hanging onto the one hospital comment from last night’s judging. Wasn’t it just the lights that gave off that vibe? Get over it! Ooh they really are going to have to get over it to get onto the steel beam that was hiding under there that they’ll have to “oxy up” and hand carry it out in bits. No thanks!

<another good tune – INXS Just Keep Walkin>

Bianca has a meeting with the engineer with Keith watching over her smug levels, about where to put the air conditioning unit. She mentions something called a Noggin or did I mishear?

Hans has to ask his trades about their hourly rate because of a budget blow-out. Clearly not a union site!

Jess is back on gumtree and this time it’s for a fireplace. Surely this won’t be a third disaster for them… Norm has to sell the idea of this particular drop down apparently bulbous Jetson’s like fire place. He’s in a such a great mood, this will be fine…

As long as it’s not too heavy is the vibe. But then Norm’s sent away to do some more work on the plans, and when Keith comes out he asks for a printed copy of the plans (Norm almost shivers) but he dazzles Keith with the other detail that the fireplace spins. What the!?

Leave it with me was the vibe, this time.

Kerrie was taken out for dinner for her birthday but apparently nothing happened as there was no footage. And we get a preview for the rest of the week which includes Sara saying she has to change everything in their apartment. But what about the pianooooo!?

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