Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 14

The Block Gatwick Is Sara Staying Or Going

Still fresh in our memories, but a quick recap: Sara was completely unimpressed with the assessment of their $75,000 ensuite – a triumph and a disaster.

The bathroom walk throughs are pretty collegiate, everyone loving everyone else’s work but how did I miss black toilet paper last night? Brilliant! I want some! Aw geeze, I just googled it and it’s $12 for a 3-pack!

Then they all come through to appraise the controversial Hayden and Sara room, Jess making herself at home jumps straight into Sara’s baby “I’ve never bath’d in a $75,000 bath tub before”. In her work boots. Yikes.

Sara will flip.

Speaking of… it’s Sara check in time and I’ve been reading so many mixed reports about how people feel about last night’s episode. A lot of people pointing out that The Block has a long history of people not doing well so perhaps a bit of perspective is needed. The other side of the argument is that The Media is awful and has been pushing her to her limits to make her break into tiny pieces for our enjoyment.

Just on the street vision from the end of last night’s show, surely Sara had to sign off on that going to air? Anyway, still 45 minutes of show to go to find out what’s going on.

A side-bar – HANS hello if you’re reading this, your Master of Puppets was EPIC! Massive respect from this little black duck and some of my friends IRL and on Twitter. Also, so glad to see the Dusty Rose song reprise.

Oh that’s right the contestants are working on Master Bedrooms this week, there’s talk of waljk in robes and parquetry. Ha! I love that Jess has never slept in a King Size bed, I have once, in a fancy hotel, and they’re just weird. So glad there’s a voice of reason there. Especially when she talks about size not mattering with Norm *wink*

For somebody not sure if they’re leaving or not, they’re doing a lot of work for something they don’t care about. If I’m done, I’m done. Fuck yer curtains. Oh she’s back! She’s hanging it on Husband Hayden when picking fabrics.

Scotty lifts Sara’s spirits some more where we find out that her “decision” was a little bit rash. Ahahahahaha. Lol how silly of us all to get invested into it last night. She’ll meet with Shaynna and everything will be forgiven.

More Scotty chats as he checks in with Spence but I find myself drifting off to be honest, I’m having a few IT issues and getting distracted

Hang on Wwas that The Hummingbirds playing at the end of that Scotty chats with Spence bit? I still have my 7 inch copy of their fab single Blush. I really need to take the music editors out for a beer one day. Exceptional work.

Dan has some man time with Hans over at the Block Shop cafe, Hans reckons he’s obviously done something wrong but no, he can do no wrong! He’s won some fabulous prizes! A tradie that can do “everythink”!

Is someone at The Block just putting in music tonight for my own amusement? As Courtney tries to smash some tiles MONTAGE from Team America World Police plays! Jesus TFH Christ! As it were.

Did Courtney just say she wants to put in some ‘punchy’ cushions? Is that cushions that pack a visual impact or ones that you can smash with your fist in times of frustration?

Sara is looking at a kinda sorta wallpaper, does anyone do any flocked wallpaper anymore? I’d give my pinky finger to have some at my place, I wouldn’t be able to stop touching it. Might feel a bit old though with the 60s fixtures and fittings.

Ah well, everything at the quarter mark of The Block seems to have equalised tonight but on a sad note, a St Kilda matriarch left us tonight, farewell Mirka and thank you for injecting so much colour, life and pizzazz into everything you did.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the Mora family. What an incredible and inspirational woman loved by so many. Her indelible legacy will live on not only on the walls of Tolarno Eating House but in our hearts ❤

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