Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 17

Will anyone lose their proverbial tonight with the judge’s comments?

Scotty tells us it’s a 33 degree day, we see Hans having a icy pole and Foredan gets his negative on and points out all the painting yet to be done in their huge area. C’mon mate, you reckon they don’t know… But then he goes finds Norm – who had a quick nap in the Allymac – and tells him to take it easy and fuel up (double standards!)

Nanna nap time and this will look good on B&C’s Instagram later

Courtney conniption time! She’s back over at The Block shop, she changed her mind the other day after the Domain walk through and wanted to change everything, but then again… does she…

Shelley Craft told her last episode the lady painting wouldn’t work and the “more St Kilda” palm would be better. I don’t like the palm. But other seasons when there’s been a woman in a painting in a bedroom I’ve not liked it either. I’m aok, s indecisive at CBomb today.

OK, Courtney goes with her gut and sticks with her original choice. Noice.

Bianca and Carla head off out the back and nick down to West Beach for some SUP time

Dan rips through their apartment to the Jaws music while they’re in the water and has a bitch about the work that hasn’t been done correctly and is totes gonna dob on them to Scotty about their cheating ways. (It’s something about a grill that I don’t really understand)

Norm’s up from his Nana Nap, Jess is out of bed from being crook but hasn’t bought ANYTHING and also she can’t find her keys. What is it with these people!? Then again, they don’t really have a ‘spot’ to put them in their half done apartments. After some prompting from a producer she goes over to the Block Shopwhere she ‘might’ have left them and then wrestles poor “Harrie Highpants” to the ground once they’ve been relocated.

Ok back to grumpy Dan, so the workers in B&C’s apartment have covered the A/C vent with their wonky feature wall and Bianca mentions that Macca and Hughesy must have left without doing it. Ruh Roh. They’ll have to just cop whatever the judges say about it, they reckon, but as it’s a compliance issue it’s the Keithenator they have to be worried about where a preview to Monday’s episode has a really terse Keith tell Bianca to wipe the smug look off her face that Keith thinks says is looking at him like he’s a dickhead… bwahahaha. Maybe she’s just not scared of you. Talk to them normally perhaps?

Now we get to check in with Rollercoaster Sara who met with ShaynnaBlaze during the week for some crisis counselling on their (her) styling and true to form they’re bickering: “If Sheena doesn’t think I’m injecting personality into the room, it’s because you’ve drained it all from me”. BANG, cop that Husband Hayden.

Kerrie’s off shopping at Freedom for a pink seat thingy and Spence has discovered that their bed head didn’t come with the power points promised, now he has to get creative without power tools

Elvis is in the building! And a cover of Gone Daddy Gone originally by Violent Femmes plays along for Spence to weave some magic.

Hans takes delivery of his special marble vanity bench top. Huh, nice shot of the Elsternwick Hotel chucked in there before Luna Park. And everyone has to paint paint paint their little hearts out over night. Again.

As the dawning sun beats down Jess, who’s never slept in a King Sized bed before discovers that her bedside tables are too teeny weeny but manages to grab some spares from B&C to try out and they fit perfectly

Not sure what she’s looking for here… maybe some inspiration?

Huh, before Scotty checks his watch for the final time and gives us the tools down whistle… WTheHell Courtney? You got the palm after all?

We return to normal order with the judges this week, and Scotty introduces Neale as “ever-dapper” again, phew.

No mucking around tonight we get into Kerrie and Spence’s appraisal pretty quickly:

They’re generally happy, Spence more so, they wanted a snuggly and textural room. Judges say it’s romantic without being too feminine the velvet gets a tick but still no “va va voom” for Neale. The art work’s on the wrong wall, but that’s where the shutters are, and the bed head needs to be grander perhaps. Attention turns to the pendant lights and Shaynna’s straight to the point “they’re ridiculous” (they do look a bit dinky)

And ShaynnaBlaze continues likening it to a hospital vibe, disappointing because they like the bed and the colours. Neale wonders if they got scared. Then they almost miss the WOW factor by missing the extra WIR. They need to re-style and lift it a bit to be memorable for sell-ability. Kerrie and Spence make jokes about needing a fluffer…

Courtney and Hans time with their massive space that they weren’t able to finish painting. <Side bar a lot of covers being played tonight on the show…have they run out of royalty budget!?>. Gee whiz it really is massive, it’s like a real fancy hotel! ShaynnaBlaze liked the colour pallette but Neale is not impressed. Not at all. Not one iota. Doesn’t get the “hallway” (me neither) and it’s an ‘exercise in wasted space’, the hits just keep on coming sitting down in the chairs wondering why you’d want to look at “The possibly the worst piece of art ever on the Block”

Oh Courtney. AND YOU HAD THE PALM SITTING THERE (see above if you skim read earlier). He wants grandiose in the form of rugs and couches and wall to ceiling mirrors. ShaynnaBlaze nods. A lot. And just in case Neale hadn’t made himself clear, in his final statement:

“Get your Real Estate Agents to hand out flyers to cashed out 80 year olds at Retirement Villages” LOL it does have a slight Arcare brochure vibe.

At least Courtney was able to put a humorous spin on it along the lines of at least people want to retire to somewhere they really like… Onto the WIR and Neale flips saying it’s one of the most impressive he’s ever seen on the Block. So Judges aren’t always picking on people and can see the good and the bad even in one room (yes I’m talking to Sara).

Alright, speaking of Sara c’mon you can do this! We haven’t seen a lot of you and Husband Hayden but let’s get you off the bottom rung tonight… My cat Punter would love that fluffy rug on the bed. ShaynnaBlaze explains to the other two judges what Sara and Hayden originally wanted and they all wince. The overall judgement is that it really worked and Sara doesn’t quite believe Scotty. Art Deco like bed head is lovely

Oh. Except the artwork is a bit ‘generic’. They love the air conditioning duct (look out B&C). “Overall, it’s a nice room”. ShaynnaBlaze goes week at the knees for sensor lights in the WIR. ShaynnaBlaze goes back to the ensuite and says it doesn’t reflect this room so they’ll need to fix it up before Auction day. Oh and Sara and Hayden are staying “Shaynna put a pep in my step”.

Norm and Jess have a size doesn’t matter problem with a tiny bedroom (which I find weird for a Penthouse) but what would I know. Although having seen the drama such a massive space caused Hans and Courtney maybe this will be fine. “I wouldn’t change that room for a million bucks” says Jess. What do the judges reckon? They get a ‘fabulous’ on first impressions from Darren Palmer. So what do the others think? Neale has another zinger “Is this a Gold Class cinema”? Too much focus on the telly (Jess you were right rich people don’t watch telly…in the bedroom). ShaynnaBlaze felt claustrophobic and wonders if the bed is too big. And the 90s need their niches back. Then the excellent and beautiful WIR lifts everyone’s spirits. The parquetry, now that you can see it, gets a big nod.

Oh just as we’re coming back from the ad break for Bianca and Carla’s bedroom I just remembered the hook last week to tonight’s episode – someone gets a SIX for their bedroom… who will it be!!??

“A different kind of luscious” from B&C and very tactile, for the dark monochrome look. And they all love the art telly. “Doesn’t anyone read in bed anymore” good question Neale, none of the rooms have had great lights for the bedroom, having said that my lamp is brighter than the sun so I could do with a better styling but it goes onto a discussion about the bedroom not being functional enough. The lack of aircon vent ‘arrogance’ comes out, which is disputed, and the feature wall is knocked. ShaynnaBlaze says it’s too masculine, which is an interesting comment thankfully B&C challenge that notion ’cause seriously 2018 called and wants your notion of male v female ideas put in check.

Not many winners tonight, bring on the scores…

Darren scores Hayden and Sara a 9 and finally they’re scoring in the upper region.

Shaynna scores Norm and Jess a 6.5 which well, what can you say, and Hayden and Sara get another 9

Flipping the mini Gatwick around, Norm sees reason and keeps their bonus gnome point to use another time…

Neale was scathing in his comments but what about the numbers?

Winners this week – Hayden and Sara on 26.5 (no surprise there); Courtney and Hans were “last”.

Oh yes, back to original versions of songs at the end of the judging ceremony LL Cool J’s Mama Said Knock You Out!

Oh noes! Fights and tears and broken friendships next week! Whaddup Courtney?

Ooh and Kerrie cracks it, looks like Spence walks off towards the beach in a huff. And FINALLY do we get to see that now famous Maccas bag meltdown?

Woo! Cannot wait. See you tomorrow night.

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