Recap Scene: Watch The BLOCK with Rosemary Walton – Episode 4

The Block Gatwick Episode Four AUGUST 8th, 2018

What will tonight bring? How are you feeling about it all Scotty?

Yay, let’s go. Good times.

Woah did they give the Luna Park face eyebrows to look like Sara?

Jess is still in bed to open the show properly (*drink*).

Courtney’s assessed it well that some people have progressed and others haven’t, she has about as much grasp as I do on technical terms. Gives me comfort.

Waterproofing is probably quite crucial for the bathroom stuff, having just been ten days without a shower due to leak issues in my apartment block. And while I know it’s caulking but I love to think of it as a good corkin’ WINK WINK EH SCOTTY.

Courtney runs through her understanding of a process about how things should go, doing a great job but it’s broken down for her in ‘lady terms’ with a mansplain using makeup as a reference point. Anyways… that aside everyone’s going nuts for screed. You screed, I screed, we all screed for something that looks like a damp concrete surface. Tools down, good job.

Here we go, Hayden has to explain Sara’s secret garden secret weapon to the King of the Block Keith. Summation of his response: “I don’t like it”. Yes! Mate! This is what I was saying yesterday! Keith’s been dealing with them for years and has never seen them survive. Hayden tries again with Keith to bring him around, probably anticipating a barney with the missus, but it’s a definitive “they die, mate” end of conversation, no.

Don’t mess with Keith, he’s 100% correct, they pulled all the (dead) plants out of this Block ‘Sky High’ property just a couple of months ago.

Foreman Keith’s day turns around having a bit of a love in talking up how good Norm is, as a contestant. But it’s doomsday for B & C, their worker’s copping a ‘hurry up’ Gus from Mr Squiggle would be proud of.

Oh here we go, Keith has to give Sara the lowdown on vertical gardens being totally pox. This will go well. Her voice is saying “Yeah OK” (couldn’t be more dismissive if she tried) but her mind is saying “Go pot yerself”. Meanwhile B&C score the primo Landscaper for their terrace but that’s more of a flag for down the track.

Circular argument time mark II involving Sara.

“Bathroom” has been scratched off her helmet, by tomorrow will it just say ‘pines’ or ‘ess’ perhaps, ‘app’ maybe. Whittled down to “i” by Sunday… Whatever, bickering ensues.

Ruh roh the love affair with Norm is over for Keith. He busted Normie for being too efficient. Keith has to phone a friend (Scotty) to decide if there’s a penalty. But as everyone’s a nice guy, it’s allowed just this once, Norm offering to ‘sit down for an hour’ when the toilet challenge rolls around.

Cashed up Sara takes Keith and her gardening contact Jamie for a stroll up Fitzroy Street, going past Tolarno and up to the corner at Canterbury Road to check out the indoor garden at St. Hotel which houses an excellent example of thriving vertiginous vegetation. Solutions driven Keith offers a way to install Sara’s dream in her bathroom to give it the best chance of survival. Happiness.

Progress report time:

Ambitious DIYers Spence and Kerrie will tile their own bathroom and because it’s Spence, their tiles have to be cut ‘just so’ to fit in with his grand vision. Luckily they’re “old” and not into anything else but getting stuff done.

Courtney and Hans are sofaking behind they have to beg Keith to hang out with them until later that night to check off on the work they hope to get done. B&C progress as requested.

Woah look out – it’s The Block Shop opening. I crashed the event in February and tried to avoid the cameras, but much to my horror:

It was a little awkward being there, I didn’t know who anyone was, apart from Scotty and a couple of others, but the champers was nice and gee they’ve got some lovely things in there. You can go check it out, it’s diagonally opposite the Gatwick. I’ll post my sneaky gallery from the night on my Insta (@rosewal76).

BUT I also took this photo on the way over to the opening, as I walked up Loch Street, I heard this couple talking and thought it might become important once the show went to air

Now I can see it’s Courtney and Hans, in a very dramatic stage whisper, according to the notes I wrote on my phone at the time, she rather sternly said “show me the photos from Beacon lighting because we’re going into that event and we’re not going to be able to talk about lights!” It really struck me that ‘far out, they (contestants) really take it very seriously and clearly think about it all the friggin time’. And now seeing all the other stuff they’ve being dealing with, I’m glad to learn it wasn’t a hissy fit but probably genuine stress.

Back to the show – great news finally for Courtney and Hans Keith says “one of the best waterproofing jobs I’ve seen” so the tilers can get on with it.

The high spirits continue after the party, everyone seemingly very happy after some social interaction. And wowee how many champers did Jess have to do that undies dance!? Good on ya darl, have a good sleep.

Shelley’s on site! As Scotty explains to Alice from the Domain magazine that it’s a very eclectic area and that they’re hoping to “change the face of Fitzroy Street” Alice chips in “adding to the charm, beauty and history of it.”  Yup, already it’s looking like a shiny beacon.

A few moments later it’s a competition to see how many times the word Terrazzo can be uttered in one scene. For those playing at home it was seven times in forty seconds.

It’s slab time – moving and installing a quarter of a tonne of stone for B&C’s penthouse. That’s one bloody big lift. Luckily! They seem happy, so if they’re happy I’m happy. Looking forward to seeing it in its proper context.

What is it with the figure $700? That’s the estimated courier cost for some mirrors from WA. I’ll drive over the Nullabour and back for rental, petrol, food and accommodation costs. Plus a couple of beers at either end! Jess and Norm using their pilot contacts (Hans) might get a cheap ticket for them to send someone over. Am guessing the mirrors won’t fit into the overhead lockers though.

Oh another counting game! This is much better than mine, Scotty. I’ll be adding Sara says “I know” to my drinking game as the season progresses.

There’s more running through of bathroom ideas to see who might win some cashola, and a tradie dance sequence before Domain Alice gives Norm and Jess the prize for their bathroom vision, you can buy a dictionary so Norm can read up on Zen (the vibe Jess wanted for the first room).

Back to the Block Shop for girls night, a designer runs through concepts and we learn that grey has every colour in it. Good to know if you’re wondering whether to let your ‘cemetery blonde’ grow out loud and proud: it will go with everything!

Ermagerd I need the next three nights off to process what’s happened this week already in preparation for a half a point win for the major bathroom reveal on Sunday! And was there a promo before about a bath that wasn’t quite what was expected? How do you mistake stone and plastic? Guess we’ll find out. See you then. Oh and I didn’t even address The Gnome In The Fridge!?

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