Q&A Scene: Denise Hylands ~ TRIPLE R Presenter

What show do you present on Triple R? When can we catch you on air?

I present Twang on RRR. It’s on from 2 – 4pm every Saturday afternoon.

How long have you been at the radio station?

I’ve been doing radio programs at RRR for 34 years.

When did present your first show?

I presented my first regular show in 1984. It was the Selection Show on Sunday afternoons and was RRR’s new releases program. I was also a regular part of the original Breakfasters Team from that year.

How did that come about?

In 1983 I had completed High School and was looking for a job. I applied for a job at RRR as Administrative Assistant in early 1984 and got the job. Before I knew it I was doing graveyards and fill ins for other programs. And the rest, as they say, is history.

What is your earliest recollection of Triple R?

My first recollection of RRR, was as a 14/15 year old (can’t quite remember the year) I
was attending a concert at Festival Hall featuring The Sports and The Angels. There was a
huge RRR banner and during the intermission they played Midnight Oil. I thought wow
this all sounds great and maybe this RRR is something I should checkout. Of course, on
reflection, I realise that Midnight Oil being played had nothing to do with RRR but having
all this great music in one place with the looming logo of RRR there made me investigate
what they were all about. So I tuned in and liked what I heard.

What, or who, inspires you?

What inspires me, is the amount of amazing Australian and International artists and bands
who continue to push the boundaries in producing new music either heavily influenced by
the music of the past or awe inspiring authentic sounds that are new and refreshing.

What genre of music is your favourite?

Doing a show called Twang I think might be a giveaway but my favourite genre of music is
Country. Don’t be frightened by that word though. There is so much amazing music being
made these days in the country genre that is far removed from the mainstream money
making machine of commercialism. There are so many artists out there who take the best
of country’s traditional sounds and keep giving us something completely new. And I love
that and will probably never tire of it.

Why is Triple R important? Why should we subscribe?

Triple R is one of the most amazing families of dedicated people who strive to provide its
listeners with their knowledge and sort out findings. Not an ego in the place. Every
presenter offers the best of themselves. It’s all about the listener. We search and seek the
best we can to make the best show we can every week. If it’s music, arts or information,
it’s all about what we can give. How unique and refreshing is that? Triple R has been and
is so responsible for Melbourne being such a fascinatingly rich arts and music driven city.
Without it, I can’t imagine the lack of cultural choice we would have.

You subscribing to RRR is so important. We receive no Government funding and are a
fiercely independent non-profit organisation. So we depend on our amazing sponsors and
loyal subscribers to keep us operating and providing you with the best radio in the land.
Call us on 9388 1027 and subscribe now. If you need inspiration there are also an
amazing array of prizes you go into the running for if you subscribe during the Stay
Curious 2018 Radiothon. But who needs any more inspiration than a whole year of
awesome radio. We look forward to hearing from you.

What’s my scene?

Dim lights, thick smoke and loud loud music…

Catch Denise on Twang every Saturday – 2pm to 4pm on 3RRRfm.

Listen to previous weeks here.

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