Gig Scene: Reminiscing about the Reclink Community Cup

commcup-paul-kellyReminiscing about events first attended over fifteen years ago can be fraught with vagueness and inaccuracy. All I remember about my first community cup was that it was freezing cold, cold beer was on offer, gold coin donations were the go, the match was held at the Punt Rd Oval and my arse was sore from sitting on a wooden bench for hours on end. The year was 1999, (thank you google) and organiser and Rockdog Jason ‘Evo’ Evans led the charge with the Espy Rockdogs versus the PBS/RRR Megahertz. Captain Dan Luscombe (from the Blackeyed Susans), Wally Kempton and Ashley Naylor (Even), Nick Barker as well as Ross Kemp (Cosmic Psychos) were some of the players on the field that day.  There was a sense of camaraderie amongst punters and players, my friend and I were there braving biting wind in our thermals, supporting St Kilda’s Sacred Heart Mission and the after party was held at the Corner Hotel. In 2008 the event became too costly for Sacred Heart Mission to run and in 2009 Reclink took over.

From those modest beginnings the Reclink Community Cup has grown exponentially. Over the years the one consistent theme has been the sense of camaraderie, the community spirit of raising money for a worthy cause, the passion for footy and the talented musos and players on the field. Notable bands have included The Painters and Dockers, Paul Kelly, TISM, Magic Dirt, Dave Graney, Mach Pelican and in 2010 What’s My Scene Music Editor and Photographer Mary Boukouvalas was there capturing photos of bands on the day including The Living End, Nick Barker and the Reptiles.

See photos here:

Playing Times are:
12.10pm : Ally Spazzy’s Kiddyrock & The Cool Bananas 12.45pm : Pearls
1.30pm : Adalita
2.10pm : Teams Enter Ground
2.25pm : Event Theme Song by Paul Kelly & Dan Kelly
2.30pm : Match commences
Half Time : The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra
Post-Match : Graveyard Train

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