About Anna-Maria Megalogenis
Anna-Maria has been writing for Street Press in Melbourne and Sydney for over 20 years. She is passionate about food, music and the arts, is an avid reader and used to hand write reviews for Beat Magazine at the Great Britain Hotel, where a patron once suggested she was ripping off articles in Rolling Stone magazine.
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Star Scene: Limahl

The 80’s were a period of intense creativity, of fluorescent clothes, outlandish hair, happy pop and new wave songs featuring copious use of synthesiser and a booming economy, replacing the darker elements of punk and […]

Q&A Scene: Belinda Campbell

March 14, 2016 Anna-Maria Megalogenis

Q&A with Belinda Campbell (wit incorporated Artistic Director) Tell us about your new play, Fairy Tale News? Fairy Tale News is a brand new Australian comedy, that takes some of our favourite children’s storybook characters and […]

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