Snap Scene

Snap Scene: You Am I plays Spinal Tap at The Corner, 23rd March 2018

“One out of every four and a half interviews has included the question ‘Have you ever had a Spinal Tap moment?’. Well sweet lord, any band worth their talc has, and we, whether on talc or not, have had more ‘Tap moments’ than liquid dinners! So, we have thrown down the gauntlet, unto ourselves, under the auspices of Montgomery Glitterbest the Third our perfectly adequate manager: why not have ONE BIG SPINAL TAP moment. And then do it again… The sounds and the smells of Tap done by our band (the looks are yours to fuss with). We love the songs of Tap, they speak of the mighty, meaty and manky elements of the Majesty Of Rock. Hip hip hooray, and so say all of us. TAP INTO AUSTRALIA!” […]

Food & Lifestyle Scene

Recipe Scene: Splice Cake

With lime and coconut, this cake has the flavours of my favourite icy pole. I got this recipe from a free Coles supermarket mag, and it’s a cracker. All I did to change it was adjust the cooking time as the original recipe suggested to cook the cake at 160 degrees for 2 hours, but I prefer to cook my cakes slightly higher and for less time. It’s delicious, makes a really large cake and it keeps well as it is so moist – ticks all the boxes! You can decorate it however you like. I’ve just piped circles on the top of this one, but I have also topped it with lime slices and also flaked coconut. Anything that carries on the lime/coconut theme works well. […]