Review Scene: Spoon, Mike Noga, The Croxton Bandroom – 25th March, 2017

Mike Noga is rousing the punters with material from his  new, dark, psychedelic concept album King, ” about a guy and a girl, and the guy kills the girl” Noga tells us. His between song banter is amusing, notably encouraging the crowd to buy some merch, and the Mike Noga tea towel, that he “spent a lot of time on.”

During the interlude lesser known Prince tracks blare through the speakers, encouraging punters to dance.  Spoon lead vocalist, Britt Daniels, is a Prince fan, and his choice of music incites those waiting near the front of the raised stage to break out a few dance moves, before the sweltering heat is generated by stage lights.

“Hot Thoughts” and title track off Spoon’s ninth studio album kicks off a set showcasing their latest release, and golden oldies from their 20 year history. Founding members Daniel and drummer Jim Eno, are flanked by Rob Pope on bass and Alex Fischel on guitar and keys. Second track of the album, “WhisperI’lllistentoHearit” follows in quick succession, showcasing the band’s prowess as a killer live act and their funk rock leanings from latest release Hot Thoughts.

“I’m impressed ! Thank you Melbourne,” exclaims Daniels as the audience sing the lyrics of “I Turn my Camera on” when Spoon play the first few bars, and before Daniels starts singing in his distinctive raspy pitch perfect voice.  “Don’t You Eva” is played upon request, much to the delight of the crowd (a rarity these days with most bands refusing to diverge from their setlist). Daniels engages with the crowd,  shaking hands with those in the front row and playing guitar close to the barrier. Each song differs from the next, during tonights set, but still has that characteristic Spoon sound.

Old chestnut and crowd favourite, “The Underdog'” from 2007’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga sees the crowd sing along with abandon. “Rent I Pay” off 2014’s They Want My Soul ends the main set with aplomb. For the encore, heart wrenching “I Ain’t The One” , “Got Nuffin” and “My Mathematical Mind” bring the show to a close, cementing the fact that Spoon are one of the best live acts around, and my best live show for 2017, thus far.

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