Spirit Scene: Early Late, Fashionably Drunk

What’s My Scene has partnered with the Butterfly Club to present you with a new cocktail each week, based on shows from their 2016-2017 Summer program.


45 Gordons
15 apricot brandy
15 lillet blanc
10 absinthe


Pour absinthe in short tumblr on ice and let it sit
Wash out absinthe from glass
Stir down other ingredients and pour over absinthe
Garnish with orange twist

Early Grave, Fashionably Late

Fearless explorer. Audacious dandy. Reluctant detective.

An improbable account of the malodorous goings on of the night of 28 November 1889, and the events which followed – thrillingly re-enacted!

Victorian Dublin’s consummate gentleman adventurer (and rakish raconteur) damn near loses a cufflink in an astonishing tale of derring-do – and don’ts!
Murder! Scandal! Corruption! Hyperbole! Physical storytelling prowess, blending Lecoq-trained virtuosity with a Wildean flair, sure to delight the discerning theatregoer who keeps his brow high and his bow tied.

Buy Tickets: https://thebutterflyclub.com/show/early-grave-fashionably-late


Tuesday 13 December 20168:30pm
Wednesday 14 December 20168:30pm
Thursday 15 December 20168:30pm
Friday 16 December 20168:30pm
Saturday 17 December 20168:30pm


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