Q&A Scene: Anushka of Siblings

Tell us about your new tour?
I am about to embark on a show titled: SIBLINGS It is an original musical performance with my brother Mikelangelo and Dave Evens at the Butterfly Club in Melbourne 13th – 18th Feb. We will then take the show to the Adelaide Fringe this March.

The show will plunge deep into a mythical world of storytelling through ballads and tongue twisting tales.

Whats your favourite work at this point in time?
At the moment I am working on creating both a musical and visually pleasing aesthetic through live performance. I have also been going through a process of re-invention.
Waking up early and writing the thoughts that circle my head has been a way of unraveling the labyrinth of ideas, I have going on in my subconscious.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio anecdote…
Well… I will choose a memory from a show I did with a colleague Cristy Gilbert at the Casula Power House in Sydney.

It was a large scale Performance Art piece for the opening for a group show about ‘Women in Sport’.
Cristy and I stood at the top of a six meter balcony dressed in ‘Official Green and Gold Australian sports tracksuits’

With our fists across out hearts we sung the Australian national anthem with all our gusto before traveling to the lower ground via a long ramp. The soundtrack to our heroic journey down, was an crazy drum solo from a 70’s LP.

We then stylishly removed our Aussie tracksuits to reveal neck to foot leopard Lycra ready for some blood sport action. After a medley of energetic, high impact impact sports competition, we both slogged it out over a tennis rally using peanuts as tennis balls.

The absurdity and humour of this performance was a career highlight for me,
as I reflect on the wonderful freedom artist can have in the right context to express political and social ideas in a positive way without protest or violence.

What or who inspires you?
Wild nature. When I can not access nature it’s Gardens in bloom or dormant.

Which song do you wish you wrote?
Just The Right Bullets by: Tom Waits

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
A nicely halved and delicately sliced mango because a mango can be savored or gobbled up.
If you like mangos you will want to have another one.

Whats next for you?
A Debut show called SIBLINGS with my Brother Mikelangelo at The Butterfly Club in Melbourne this Feb Then a season at The Adelaide Festival in March.

Whats your scene?
The timeless universal music and arts scene.

13 – 18 FEB
The Butterfly Club presents Mikelangelo & Anushka: SIBLINGS
International Premiere season The Butterfly Club, Melbourne, Tues 13 – Sun 18 February Sister and brother duo Mikelangelo and Anushka follow the path of their hidden songlines in this sublime and surreal family fable.

The two grew up with parents who encour- aged creativity as a vital part of life. Along- side their elder brother Victor, they endlessly drew pictures, played music and made up stories and plays. As the siblings moved into their teenage years, they developed their own stage personas and a symbiotic performance style.

Mikelangelo and Anushka have collaborated in many ways over the years, from early public forays with Monty Python skits like ‘String’ and ‘Bookshop’; to touring in the 90s in Australia and the UK as part of absurdist group P. Harness, with their kids show for adults ‘How Things Work’. Anushka was a key player in the musical and theatrical development of Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen in the 2000s, performing as a part of live shows and recording her song ‘Figueres’ for the bands’ second album, Journey Through the Land of Shadows.

In Siblings, Mikelangelo and Anushka bring together a collection of original songs and stories filled with wonder, mystery, horror and joy, making a clandestine spirit map of their journeys to adulthood. Tapping into shared secrets and family mythologies, they weave humour, hope, love and loss into a potent show, accompanied by Dave Evans on accordion and piano.

Mikelangelo + Anushka : Siblings
Tues 13 February – Sun 18 February
The Butterfly Club
5 Carson Place Melb. CBD
$32 + BF general, $28 + BF concession




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