Recipe Scene: Lemon Slice

IMG_9922 As a kid I just adored lemon slice. When I made it myself for the first time I was pretty surprised to find out that the only lemon in it is actually just some juice in the icing. Probably a more apt – but less appealing – name would be condensed milk, coconut and Marie biscuit slice. I’ve mucked around with this recipe by adding lemon zest to either the icing or the filling or both, and also making it with limes. But do you know what? I really don’t think you can improve on the original. Call it what you like, it’s delicious as is.



250 grams sweet biscuits – mum always used Marie biscuits so I do too
90 grams desiccated coconut
125 grams butter
½ can condensed milk (200 grams)


1 ½ cups icing sugar (approx.)
juice of a lemon
Extra desiccated coconut, optional



  1. Crush the biscuits with a rolling pin or a food processor. I like to have a mix of biscuit sizes if possible. Melt the butter and add it to the biscuits along with the coconut and condensed milk. Mix well.
  1. Press into a lined slice tin, even out the top. Pop into the fridge to start setting while you make the icing.
  1. Mix together the lemon juice and icing sugar. depending on the juiciness of the lemon you may need to add either a little more icing sugar or not quite all the juice. Spread evenly onto the base. Top with extra coconut if you want to and put back into the fridge. When set cut into whatever shapes you fancy. I like triangles.


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