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Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
We are releasing our EP Crawling Machine Edition and supporting it with a Victorian tour. The EP has six tracks that are like all Suiciety records are unique on their own however mesh together over the length of the recording. The recording has a great story as we recorded it back in 1996 at Sing Sing studios with Kalju Tonuma famous for recording Killing Joke, The Living End, Crowded House, Hunters & Collectors, D4, The Temper Trap, Bodyjar and The Mavis’s but it never saw the light of day. We really enjoyed working with Kal listening to his studio stories while working together ensuring we captured the right feel for each song. We’re really happy that the songs hold up and sound great live!

We’re itching to get out there and do what they do best – playing adrenaline-triggered hard and fast tunes with our mates!

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
Like a great Tapas menu… Little bit of everything, not too much of anything.

Always satisfying paired with an Aussie red or full flavoured ale.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
Every member of the band has a fave for one reason or another. The lead track from the EP “Toma esto es” ( “Here it is, you can start a revolution yourself…here’s your life make it the best it can be” in Spanish ).. Is a popular one with everyone at the moment as its fun to play live and sounds really big..

Any on the road anecdotes?
Some of the band decided to take a short cut home from Canberra one night as it looked shorter on the map but ended up getting us stuck on an icy snow hill top…no more short cuts!!

One morning Stefan went for a swim at a surf beach near Brisbane after a big night and was waving and thrashing around in the water to get HELP!! He was struggling to stay afloat. Adam thought he was having a great time and waved back to him and walked off.

Another time our hire bus broke down in the middle of nowhere country while traveling from Melbourne to Brisbane to start a tour. Due to timings we sent some of the guys off to hitch hike with truckies so they got to Brisbane on time. We wouldn’t do that today!

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Life, the world around us. Personal experience.

What’s next for you?
We’re releasing the EP, doing some shows in Melbourne and country Victoria which will be awesome. We’ve been writing a bunch of new tracks which we hope to record next year and do a full length album.

What’s your scene?
We’ve always stayed on the fringe of scenes like our music “– too punk for metal, too metal for punk and too rock for both”

About Suiciety

“Suiciety’s new album… is eleven tracks of killer groove, and sub heaviness, that take you on a meandering journey through aggression, feeling, and then some more confusion as to what they may do next… I suggest you buy this album, see them live, and delve totally into this band. It is a moral imperative.”

Suiciety breathed life in 1990, after a bunch of school friends, with a love of skating, hardcore, punk and rock started jamming and writing some ditties in the back streets of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Finding a singer and a guitarist in the unlikeliest of places, they went on to record demos under the name Ward 13. This handle never stuck, so out of the gutter Suiciety was born. Some solid gigs around old Melbourne town resulted in interest from bookers, local radio and independent record labels.

Their first album ‘Deeper Vision’, was well received and made it to Number 10 on the Alternative Charts and The Age’s Top 10 Albums of the Year. Travelling around the country playing some major supports and getting numerous amazing live show reviews, their crossover style surprised many. The boys went on to record their second album ‘Primrose Path’, a more diverse offering showing their ability to swing between rock, metal, alternative and hardcore punk, with ease. Not an easy act to categorise – too punk for metal, too metal for punk and too rock for both. Suiciety pioneered ’90s rock in Melbourne and took their show on the road.

With a blistering, energetic live show, they played at the Big Day Out, Alternative Nation and served support to Sepultura, The Supersuckers, Kreator, Ministry, Bodycount, Fear Factory, The Tea Party, and played alongside other Australian legends like Tumbleweed, Cosmic Psychos, and the Mark of Cain, to only name a few. Capping off 1994 as an incredible year, the band headed back into the studio (after signing with BMG), to record their iconic EP ‘Cell’; a five track offering that rocks from beginning to end, egging you on to give it another spin. The juggernaut kept on rollin’ and a tour with The Screaming Jets proved highly successful and the interest from local press and mags such as Hot Metal, made the bands profile even bigger. Suiciety’s live shows, were always faultless and backed up the hype. In ’96 the guys crawled back into the studio, exhausted, yet excited to record their new tracks resulting in the enigmatic ‘Crawling Machine Edition’. Unfortunately this recording never saw the light of day and the band closed the curtain on the circus for what was thought to be the last time…

Fast forward near on twenty years and after a well-earned sabbatical, the boys are back writing, recording and excited about the future. The new songs, mature and BIG! Looking at 2015 as being an incredible year, with shows lined up including their first gig back since 1996 at the annual Brewtality Festival in Melbourne, and with a groundswell of interest bubbling away, a vibe is surrounding Suiciety again. If they can bring half of what they brought to the table in the ’90s, it will be amazing… You watch!





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