Q&A Scene: Stu Thomas

Tell us about your new tour?
I’m taking my band to Adelaide to present “The Stu Thomas Paradox plays Lee Hazlewood”. This the Lee show that we did in Melbourne and Darwin to great success. It will be the first time for South Australia on Sun October 25th at The Wheatsheaf, 4pm start. We play 2 sets of Lee songs, including some of Lee’s version’s of Nancy Sinatra hits. Lee even gets a chance to say stuff during the show, and there’ll be projections and paintings onstage. An all-round audiovisual extravaganza. For this gig I’ve had limited edition vinyl EP’s made of me playing Lee songs, plus postcards based on the paintings I did of Lee.

I’m playing this show after two other Adelaide gigs where I’ll be playing bass for the re-formed Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes, Oct 23 & 24 at the Crown and Anchor. After that, there’s a gig with Kim Salmon & The Surrealists on Oct 30 at The Gasometer, Melbourne, to promote our re-released 1997 album “Ya Gotta Let Me Do My Thing” as a double vinyl LP.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?
We sound like the bubbles in champagne. And edible undies with wasabi mayo. Spacious, airy, sweet then hot and spicy.

Which song resonates most strongly and why?
The Lee Hazlewood song that always hits me is called “What’s More I Don’t Need Her”. I love the arrangements, it sounds so cinematic. And the lyrics are heartbreakingly truthful. A real adult situation played out in aching slow-motion.

Any on the road anecdotes?
A needle in a haystack, I’m afraid. My brain being the haystack.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Different sounds inspire me. Say I could be listening to the radio, hear some young band unknown to me, and I might get a quick adrenalin rush from the sound of their reverb, or synth, or harmony, or something else. I might not like the actual song at all. Likewise when listening to classical, or dub, or movies, or even golden oldies radio. Miles Davis inspires me. Bowie. King Tubby. Picasso. Bunuel. John Lydon. People who fly on in their chosen field, keep going and develop or evolve or morph along the way. That’s inspiring. I like to experience things that I can’t work out. That gets me going.

What’s next for you?
I’m recording more music which has a definite soundtracky direction. Another project is to put out lots of unreleased stuff from a previous band of mine The Brass Bed. I want to get a solo art exhibition going too. And touring Europe next year is also on the cards.

What’s your scene?
100 songs in my brain, revolving and evolving. Seeing, not just looking. Generating weirdo pictures and sounds.


Sun 25 Oct Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide

Stu Thomas is a stayer on the Australian music scene.

A multi-instrumentalist, sinner / song-writer, performer, producer and artist, he’s played bass / baritone guitar with Dave Graney for 11 years, and bass with Kim Salmon for twenty, as well as putting out his own music. He’s appeared in 20 countries, on countless recordings, and played with many other artistes of note over a 30 year career.

Lee Hazlewood was the legendary song-writer, performer, producer, DJ, and record label boss, most famous for writing the Nancy Sinatra pop classic “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”. He was a cult figure and svengali to Nancy, Duane Eddy and more, and he left behind a hefty swag of classy songs.

Stu cites Lee Hazlewood as a major musical inspiration, and has put together a show of some of Lee’s finest songs. They played 2 sold-out shows in Melbourne, and now it’s coming to Adelaide, at the very fine Wheatsheaf Hotel, in Thebarton. As well as great music, there will audio-visual surprises.

The band features Clare Moore (The Moodists, Coral Snakes, The mistLY) on keyboards and backing vocals, Phil Collings (Kim Salmon & The Surrealists) on drums, and Mal Beveridge (Jack Charles) on bass, all consummate musicians. Stu has arranged a multi-layered show that will please Lee fans and will definitely win over new ones. Lovers of great music will be rapt in the wonder of Lee’s rich music and insightful lyrics, and the brilliant band’s interpretations.

One show only. Limited tickets via Oztix


and at the door. Starts at 4pm, band plays 2 sets.




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