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Tell us about your ‘Goddamn Jellyfish’ Single and upcoming album “World Keeps Turning”?  

Goddamn Jellyfish” was one of the pre release songs. It’s a fun song to play and was a slow burner… for ages it was a riff we’d jam, then it was Jamaican bacon and now it’s a song about when Nikko got stung by jellyfish on a surf trip in Indo!! I love how Nik has framed that real life story into a song! Everyone’s got a ‘being stung’ story so now we can vent it via “Goddamn Jellyfish”!

Well it’s such a strange time to be releasing our album. Everything being in lockdown and the spread of the virus… but the world will keep turning!! There are some themes in our album that are seemingly quite eerily relevant to the current situation. Some of the moods of the songs and topics feel timely. We have a new video coming out with the album launch for “Inside Out“,  it’s a song about ‘is what we want really what we need’, about retreating looking inward checking in on ourselves. I guess what we’d all love to be doing right now is being social and having fun, being with loved ones, friends, as normal … but that’s not what we actually need right now! I don’t know for how long we will last like that! So we are forced to retreat sometimes like this, I guess, and it could be a great time to check in on what’s most important in our normally really busy lives while the chance is there. I don’t know, there’s more but shouldn’t go spoiling the experience for others!

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? (your own or your group’s work)

I’d say putting this album together our selves would be the favourite work. It had its challenges and it’s learning curves but we are pretty happy with how it landed.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

A studio anecdote I reckon would be the evolution of the song, “Inside Out.” Half way through recording it we actually changed both the vocal melody, some of the guitar melodies and some lyrics turning the songs message and feel on its head.

So the structure and feel of the song especially with the drums, bass and rhythm guitars were laid down for a different song and we changed the rest. It was the same song name, similar lyrics/// let’s call it “Inside out mark 1”! It became a way more melodic song and the lyrics went from a more aggressive style and theme to a way more introspective version. I feel like it matured and ripened in perfect timing for the album.

We had been playing mark 1 for ages,  we love rehearsing so it was pretty locked in so when it came time to start rehearsing and playing again post recording… well there was a challenge haha!Being so close to the old version we couldn’t help but slip back into it mid song! It’s still a bit of an issue, hahaha. We played it at Frankie’s not long ago and we just couldn’t pitch the new melody and it basically turned into an instrumental, hahaha … it’s going to keep us on our toes I think!!

What, or who, inspires you?

The energy of a full room, big or small, when everyone’s there to have a fun time and enjoy the shared experience of live music! Live music creates some of the most amazing experiences, feelings and emotions. It can be a really spiritual thing, whatever the form of music, it just can be so much fucking fun!

Which song do you wish you wrote?

I wish we wrote “Eagle Rock” because Nik would not have let it pass the rehearsal room, hahaha.

What’s next for you?

That’s a big question at the moment! I hope that after everything gets back to normal we will be able to put another album tour together. We are pretty shattered to see that opportunity lost. Hopefully by the time we get back out there everyone will be really familiar with our songs and it might make it even bigger and badder! I guess given the current circumstances it’s hard to say, maybe if we can’t play live for a while we will just have to promote our album as best we can for now and maybe get back to some more writing and recording. With the world in lockdown we will for sure be hearing some great songs coming out of that isolation I reckon!

What’s your scene?

Right now it’s washing hands, looking out for those in need, 4 square metre radiuses, avoiding the news… Checking out the What’s My Scene site! Thanks for your site by the way it’s a great way to keep in touch with all things on the music scene !!!

For more information and  to grab the new release, head to: tshitaki.bandcamp.com/releases

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