Q&A Scene: Sam Thomas ~ THE AVENUE

Tell us about your new single Love.

Love is by far our ‘heaviest’ and most punk/grunge influenced song. It’s about the feeling of your body screaming out for a person but your mind detesting the thought of them.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

Our current EP “Names” is definitely my favourite work we’ve produced as of now. Obviously you’re almost always going to consider your most current work your most important by default. To be more specific I’m really satisfied as a songwriter with the tracks Always.Always and You’ve Got a Grip on Me. Although they wouldn’t necessarily be considered typical “radio singles” I think those two are my most mature and subtle songwriting accomplishments so far in our career.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

During our last tour up to Sydney last year Sanji locked our hotel room key inside the room before the rest of the band even arrived in Sydney. The funniest part about it was pulling up to the front of the hotel and Sanji was sitting on the front step with a defeated look on his face.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

KFC simply because it’s the unanimous choice of food on tour.

What, or who, inspires you?

The understanding of life’s innate potential. The fact I can do literally whatever I want.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Lady Cab Driver by Prince.

What’s next for you?

We’re touring the east coast (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) in support of Names, late February and early March this year. Then we’re going back into the studio again to record our third EP titled Bodies, as well as gigging the local Melbourne scene all year.

What’s your scene?

In terms of operating in the Melbourne scene we’re quite enigmatic and exist as somewhat of a singularity. Most bands in Melbourne belong to a very defined ‘garagey punk with clean guitars and soft drum sounds’ genre, and in some ways our sound reconciles with that, but I feel as though stylistically we stand out as being a band that is very much doing our own thing at this point in time. It’s liberating in a way because we’re in no way constrained by our own, or anyone else’s, expectations of what we’re ‘supposed to sound like’, but I suppose it would be nice to belong to a defined genre based scene. As of now we haven’t ever played gigs with another band who even remotely sounds like us, in my opinion.


Alternative new wave rockers THE AVENUE, release their driving, synth pop anthem, LOVE ahead of their sophomore EP.

Drawing from  synth new wave bands of the 80s and modern post-rock bands THE AVENUE’S new single, Love, jumps out of the speakers with all the ferocity of a panther, pouncing on the listener, demanding their attention. But it’s those insanely catchy melodies delivered by emotive lead singer Sam Thomas, that really hook you in.

Reminiscent of U2, The 1975 and Kings Of Leon the band have quickly gained a reputation for catchy pop numbers that have serious weight behind them. ‘Love’ is more than the sum of its parts. More than  just about unrequited love, more than just about desire, more than just internal conflict. It has an emotive anchor that keeps you tied.“Love is by far our heaviest and most punk/grunge song. It’s about the feeling of your body screaming out for a person but your mind detesting the thought of them.” Sam Thomas – The Avenue

The band have supported a range of national and international acts including the likes of British India, Paper Lions (CA), All We Are (UK), The Getaway Plan, Columbus, and CREOTheir previous EP and singles have been widely praised with Claire Mooney from Triple J Unearthed saying that the band “… are literally like the Australian version of the 1975. Very poppy, but maybe a tad more rocky.” Also from Triple J, Liam Stapleton said of single Take Your Time,  “...very tasty indeed. All about the pop rock vibes, keep on smashing it!

THE AVENUE will be heading out on tour to launch their EP Names on the following dates:

Saturday March 3rd Ric’s Bar Brisbane w/ Everchanging, Video Avenue, Waken Phoenix

Saturday March 10th – Evelyn Hotel Melbourne*OFFICIAL LAUNCH* w/ Everchanging and Kat Eddy Trio

Love is the first track from the band’s sophomore EP NAMES ~ out now!



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