Q&A Scene: Sam Dawes ~ THUNDER FOX

Band: Thunder Fox      Band Member: Sam Dawes (Vocals)

Tell us about your new single ‘Two For One’?

Two for One is an experiment in commentary on romance. Personally, my experiences with love have been ridiculous and diverse, so we tried to use the song as a personification of that experience. The lyrics came first, then, the music encompassed that weirdness perfectly.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

I recently took my first dive into Anime with Sprited Away. That was one of the truest artworks I’ve seen to date. A perfect interspersion of the bizarre and, the beautiful.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Well, we recently played Lost Paradise at which, I acquired a pretty severe bout of the runs. When it came time for us to go on stage, I hadn’t found any help and my only wish was that I didn’t shit my pants while we performed. Luckily, I scraped by.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Creamy, moreish and with a bit of spice. Like a sonic curry.

What, or who, inspires you?

The answer to this question changes almost by the second however, a constant source of inspiration is my life and times. Anything significant, or otherwise, that occurs in my life, generally appears in my music one way or another.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

I think the one song that has consistently kept me in awe since my first listen was Jeff Buckley’s Grace. The intention behind the song coupled with its lyrics and inimitable vocal will always astound me.

What’s next for you?

As a band, we’re always grinding away, playing shows and recording. I guess our goal for 2018 is to carry our music further than ever before and have it reach as wide an audience as humanly possible.

What’s your scene?


If you miss a time when funk was sexy and almost exclusively soundtracked porn movie sets then you’re in luck. THUNDER FOX have emerged fully formed from the womb of funk, pop, hip hop and party to bring you good times. The band are releasing a brand new single to get you grooving with ‘Two For One’. Just put this tune on and try not to dance. I dare you. I double dare you! It’s got Prince vibes, yacht rock swagger, hip hop bounce and some sexy sexy horns.[pullquote]“Two for One is a ridiculous song for a ridiculous woman who I love with all my heart, inexplicably. Only my ridiculous band mates and I could’ve concocted this one” – Sam Dawes (Lead Singer)[/pullquote] The band are no strangers to festival stages having played at Hey Sunshine Festival and an unprecedented twice at Lost Paradise Festival and to name a few. And people can’t rate them higher. Frequently semi-clothed, the band is never semi professional. [pullquote]This questionable collection of creatures may indulge in the sillier slights of life, but they’ve got the musical chops to back it up, with an indestructible funk polished by the incredible soul tones of lead singer Sam Dawes. And, ladies, how about that press shot” Lost Paradise Team[/pullquote]

“Thunder and lightning, it’s getting exciting! Thunder Fox are an absolute treat; sonically, visually, spiritually. Prepare. For. Fun.” Hey Sunshine Festival

Thunder Fox ‘Two For One’ Tour

Saturday March 3rd Rhythm Hut Gosford w/Revolution Inc.

Friday March 8th Strawberry Boogie Wollongong Uni Bar w/Tiny Little Houses

Friday 16th March Selina’s Coogee – Sydney w/The Grouches + The Big Ilch  (FREE)

Saturday 17th March Smiths Alternative Canberra w/Betty Alto

$15 on the door

Sunday 18th March Birdhouse Wagga Wagga

w/Cherax Destructor

Saturday 24th March Tanja Hall Bega w/Snorkadelia

Friday 30th March – 2nd April Rabbits Eat Lettuce Festival Byron Bay


‘Two For One’ is out now!





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