Quarantine Q&A Scene: Kirsty Tickle ~ PARTY DOZEN

Tell us about your latest single ‘The PDD’ and upcoming album “Pray For Party Dozen”?

 The PDD is that part in history when the Party Dozen Cult becomes oppressive with their values and begins to lockdown society in a 1984 style reign.

It’s also a rockin jam and it was the third one we recorded for the new record.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

Honestly I think it’s this coming record ‘Pray For Party Dozen’. We’re both really proud of it for it’s variety and it’s overall sonic aesthetic. Feels like it scratches all our itchy itches.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

One time we stayed at a friend’s house on the road, we slept on the floor in his room. That night his house mate decided to have a threesome in the living room. No one got much sleep that night.

They also had a tattoo gun in the house and the next night that housemate got drunk and got my name freestyled across his inner thigh. It was big. Upon finishing the tattoo he looked up and said “Is that how you spell it?”.

What, or who, inspires you?    

Alice Coltrane, Warren Ellis, Stupidity of mankind, and cold blooded old times.

Which song do you wish you wrote?    

Meat Loaf – ‘I would do anything for love’. If someone could ever love me the way Meat Loaf loves I’d die happy. Also the film clip to that song it’s very weird, he’s a bikie vampire running from the cops for some reason…

What’s next for you?    

Dealing with the anxiety of being released into the real world again as The Great Lockdown begins to ease. We will be overcoming those feelings in November with a tour for the new record! And then we head over the pond to the Northern Hemisphere next year if all goes to plan!

What’s your scene?    

Late night, too many buttons undone, some dirty club dance party, filthy wet with sweat but not stopping or slowing down for anyone or anything. Dance makes you free.

PARTY DOZEN – A sonic partnering of saxophonist Kirsty Tickle and percussionist Jonathan Boulet, Party Dozen is a project loosely based around improvisation.

“Pray For Party Dozen” is out now.

The release of Party Dozen’s second album “Pray For Party Dozen” is only three days away now, but the group have one final surprise before then. Current single “Auto Loser” has been given the remix treatment by Stuart Braithwaite of Scottish post-rock titans Mogwai. Taking the original’s insistent loop as a base, the remix is a four-minute build, starting with solitary pulses of sub-bass before layers of drones and synths slide in and up. The percussive core of “Auto Loser” is stripped way back, replaced by a solemn march which provides a bed for the creeping anxiety Braithwaite creates. “Auto Loser” is perhaps Party Dozen’s closest thing to a song you can dance to. The “Auto Loser (Mogwai Remix)” tears it from the dancefloors of Sydney and makes it walk home through the dark alleyways of Glasgow.

Pray For Party Dozen is a typically DIY affair, produced by Jonathan and released May 22nd on their own label, Grupo Records. The album is the follow-up to their 2017 debut The Living Man, which established Party Dozen amongst Australia’s foremost sonic adventurers. Since then they have played incessantly, performing at festivals as varied as WOMAD, Dark Mofo, Falls, MONA FOMA and Farmer & The Owl, and playing shows with the likes of Liars, Viagra Boys and Tropical Fuck Storm.
The album’s lead single, ‘The Great Ape’, which was played by Henry Rollins on his KCRW show, has been referred to as “an absolute noise rock scorcher” by Clash and a “skull-shaker” by Music Week, while also being championed by NME, Tom Ravenscroft and Stuart Maconie’s Freak Zone on 6Music and John Kennedy on Radio X.

Pray For Party Dozen is the perfect synthesis of their renowned live show. Tracks like the eponymous ‘Party Dozen’ act as a bridge from The Living Man, where evil sample loops build the foundations upon which the duo erect a brand new temple of irreverence. Elsewhere, they flirt with electro-Krautrock (‘Auto Loser’), stoner (‘The Great Ape’) and even subtlety (‘Scheisse Kunst’). It still sounds like Party Dozen, but somehow louder; more hushed; even wilder. Plus there are two songs with lyrics. It’s smart enough to make you move and dumb enough to make you think. But it’s not greater than the sum of its parts. There are no parts – there is only Party Dozen.
Meanwhile, the original June dates have been rescheduled to the below:
November 19th – SYDNEY The Lansdowne November 20th – MELBOURNE The Grace Darling November 21st – BRISBANE The Bearded Lady

A limited edition pack featuring a vinyl copy of the album, a tee shirt and an exclusive Party Dozen prayer candle, lovingly handmade by the band, is available from: party-dozen.bandcamp.com/album/pray-for-party-dozen
Party Dozen: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Band Camp

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