Q&A Scene: Estelle Artois – Tequila Mockingbyrd

Estelle (Artois) here (Guitar & Vox) Tequila Mockingbyrd

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?
[pullquote] You could be having the worst day, but if you’re lucky enough to get before a crowd who are getting as passionate and into the music as we are, your crap day becomes an epic win. [/pullquote]Saturday the 10th of September is our final show on Aussie shores. We’ve booked out MEMOMusic Hall in St Kilda for the occasion and are bring no less than six of our favourite local bands to join us as we bid a tearful farewell! We are then heading over to Europe to promote our debut album Fight and Flight kicking things off with  the Aussie Wrecking Crew Tour with our fellow Aussie’s Massive and The Black Aces on September 21st which we feel is a great introduction to the Europe music scene as well as life as wandering gypsys. The tour starts in Germany and will take us up to Scandinavia and circle back through to the U.K.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time?
It always changes, but at the moment I love busting out our ball-breaking new single “I Smell Rock and Roll“. We love opening with that song and let’s face it: you might as well jump right into your set with the loudest craziest and heaviest weapon in your arsenal.

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.
While recording our album, our producer is a bit of a fitness nut and would sit on one of those blow up balls instead of a chair. One session during recording the ball burst and Josie managed to catch the whole thing on camera. You could say he was… feeling a little flat that day? (Har har)

What, or who, inspires you?
A good crowd is always inspirational. You could be having the worst day, but if you’re lucky enough to get before a crowd who are getting as passionate and into the music as we are, your crap day becomes an epic win. It’s those kinds of shows that inspire us to want to play more, more, more!

Which song do you wish you wrote?
Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix. It’s such a beautiful song that I wish I could take credit for.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 
A chocolate McCruffin freak shake with a sweaty – yet palatable – twist :)

What’s next for you?
In a few days we’re jumping on a plane to the U.K with no fixed return date! Following the Aussie Wrecking Crew tour we’ve been fortunate enough to land spots on the bills for both Hard Rock Hell and Planet Rockstock! From then on, I guess we will see.

What’s your scene?
Parmigiana’s and paperback novels.


About Tequila Mockingbyrd

No lemon. No salt. No chaser. Melbourne’s Tequila Mockingbyrd are a shot of straight up rock n roll packing a high energy punch that will hit you from the first explosion of sound until long into the after party.

Comprised of (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Jess Reily (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Josie O’Toole (Drums, Backing Vocals) the band are rapidly becoming known for their explosive live shows and punk rock sound. With an arsenal of catchy riffs and memorable choruses, Tequila Mockingbyrd pump out party anthems like ‘Good Time’ and their ode to Melbourne’s iconic Esplanade Hotel ‘Never Go Home’, then rip into bottom heavy stomping tracks such as ‘I Smell Rock n Roll’ and ‘Everyone Down’.

In 2014 Tequila Mockingbyrd headed out on their first round of national tours in support of their debut EP ‘T-Byrds are Go!’ which received rave reviews (below).

Since then, the trio has toured Australia multiple times and earned killer support slots with the likes of Baby Animals, The Superjesus and Thirsty Merc. At the end of 2015 the T-Byrds spread their wings internationally for first time, having the honour of touring The Middle East entertaining the troops. 2016 sees the trio return to the road with Thirsty Merc on a national tour, as well as warming up the stage for punk icon Richie Ramone whose management hand-picked the girls for the slot having heard their cover of The Ramone’s cult classic “Somebody Put Something in my Drink”.

Their debut album “Fight and Flight” fresh from Lighthill Sound Studios (produced by Ricki Rae – Electric Mary, Bellusira, Massive) is due for release May 20th 2016. Debut single (and fragrance!) “I Smell Rock n Roll” earned the trio Triple M airplay and a live studio performance. With another national tour looming June/July 2016 in support of the launch, and ambitions to spread their wings even further afield once again, it’s definitely fair to say the T-Byrds are Go!

“That is incredible, those girls are so talented… what a voice… I love it!” Lzzy Hale, Halestorm

“One of my favourite bands at the moment” – Ugly Phil, Triple M Radio.

“This is infectious to the point where I can imagine crowds going nuts when it’s played live.” – Gary Trueman, Metal Mouth Magazine

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