Review Scene: The Superjesus, Corner Hotel, 14 October 2016

The Superjesus are smack bang in the middle of their Love and Violence tour covering six locations mostly along the east coast. In Melbourne they were supported by The Art and another worthy back up, Moon. The Superjesus and The Corner are a perfect marriage. Sarah McLeod was beaming from the first bone crushing chord to the encore, admitting this was their “best gig” so far.

McLeod’s energy is contagious. She’s a shit hot guitar player with a rasp to boot, and seamlessly juxtaposes this with warm, almost folksy banter with the audience. Her impish grin hasn’t changed since the band’s 1994 debut, Sumo, was released and her ageless enthusiasm is the superglue that holds both band and audience alike into one heaving mass. This is not to take away from her band. Over the years the band have had a few changes and the guest this night was Andy Strachan, the powerhouse drummer from The Living End. Along with Andy were original bassist Stuart Rudd and fellow lead Jason Slack. What a unit! McLeod made it clear that playing with Strachan was a privilege which I don’t doubt but, tell me, how many musicians do you think have playing for Sarah on their bucket list?

Last night we were treated to a mix of old songs: Secret Agent Man, Shut My Eyes, Gravity and the hypnotisingly good Down Again, surely a classic by now. New songs blasted out with nuclear intent; Love and Violence and Sea Song were notable and left us panting along with the lead singer. McLeod was having a ball, as always. She bemoaned the fact that the tour was brief: “That’s the thing with short tours. You’re just starting to cook and you’re gotta go home”, and it was about then that I was mentally booking a plane ticket for Byron. Seeing this band at the Northern would be pure Aussie rock alchemy.

McLeod thanked us for “being so fucking cool” but twenty years of solid, tight, reputable rock confirms The Superjesus as a guaranteed awesome night out. Thank YOU for being so fucking cool.


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