Scene News: Laura Imbruglia – Amateur Hour Season 2

Tell us about your new Season of Amateur Hour?
Amateur Hour is a web based variety show bringing together a stellar cast of local Australian bands, artists, performers, and straight up weirdos. Each episode features a selection of interviews, skits, surprises, curios and live music filmed in Melbourne’s most iconic bars and rehearsal spaces. This is a unique arts & culture show created by the artists of Australia. It’s unlike anything else on tv in Australia at the moment.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 
My favourite skit at the moment is The Governess skit from Season 2 of “Amateur Hour”, starring Australian theatre heroes Nick Coyle and Ash Flanders. It’s ridiculous and hilarious and contains a little tip of the hat to “Terminator 2: Judgement Day”, which is pretty much the best movie that ever existed. So awesome plus awesome = awesome squared.
Tell us a quick, on-set anecdote.
Originally, in the aforementioned scene, the guys were singing a rendition of Backstreet Boys’ “I want it that way”, but I made them change it to a re-enactment of a Terminator 2 scene cos I thought I’d get in trouble from APRA. I will probably get in trouble from James Cameron now instead.
What, or who, inspired you to create Amateur Hour?
All the brilliant musicians, comedians, writers, actors, animators and creatives I encounter on a daily basis that Australian tv chooses to ignore. I wanted to give them a platform to try new stuff, to entertain me and others, and to be seen by the greater community who aren’t lucky enough to have discovered them yet.
Which song do you wish you wrote?
The intro theme to our skit Hidden Gems, starring Ash Flanders. The theme song was written and performed by Rosa Morgan, our resident composer and master of cheese.
What’s next for you?
I’m just gonna keep hustling and try and get more people to watch our show. Have you watched it? Watch it!
What’s your scene?
My scene is “Strangers with Candy”, “Annie” (the 1982 musical film), “Waiting For Guffman”, “Beavis & Butthead”, Queen, Frida Kahlo, chihuahuas, pineapple.

About Amateur Hour

Amateur Hour (, a DIY variety show created by Laura Imbruglia & friends, is back for a second season!

They’ve been teasing their beloved weekly bites of music, comedy and arts-centric interviews since October but will now finally be compiling these, along with much more unseen content into a season of seven x half hour episodes.

Filmed in Melbourne and Sydney with Laura as the host, the show has enjoyed growing popularity for its lovingly curated selection of diverse musical guests (emerging & established), charming lifestyle segment (hosted by LJ (Laura Jean), insightful interviews with creatives, and hilarious comedy sketches, often starring well-known musicians in acting roles (the wildly popular “Gender Reversed Guitar Shopping” skit may ring a bell).

A quick scan over the star-studded trailer reveals appearances by artists as diverse as Olympia, Camp Cope, The Laurels, actors Candy Bowers and Ash Flanders, comedian Zoe Coombs Marr, plus animations and much more. Laura has rounded up her favourite musicians, visual artists, actors and comedians and asked them to appear on, or contribute content for the show. This is a unique arts & culture show created by the artists of Australia.

The background of the show goes as follows –

In late 2014, Laura posted on facebook that she was fed up with the lack of Australian variety shows and was going to make her own show (despite having no tv production experience) if anyone wanted to join her. To her surprise, she quickly amassed a crew of 50+ volunteers across many disciplines and 5 cities. Whilst Season 1 was created entirely by volunteers, public interest in Season 2 generated 50k in grants and crowd funding prior to production.

Amateur Hour – the little engine that could.

Gone are the days of watching your favourite band whittled down to just acoustic guitar and vocals, mixed terribly and interviewed by a morning television host who cares little about their craft. No longer will you scour the net looking for a British or American comedy fix, cos Australian TV is simply not cutting the mustard. Amateur Hour is here.

Season 2 arrives Friday June 30. Seven x half hour episodes for your viewing pleasure.

Watch the trailer at and subscribe to stay in the loop.

Fans are invited to an EXCLUSIVE ADVANCE SCREENING of the finale episode on Thurs 22 June,

featuring unseen appearances by Camp Cope, Two Steps on the Water, fan fave LJ and more.


RELEASE: Arts & Culture Web show

TITLE: Amateur Hour

RELEASE DATE: Fri 30th June, 2017



Thursday 22nd June 2017

Bella Union, CARLTON – VIC

SEASON 2 FINALE – An Exclusive Advance Screening.


Compiled Season 2 launch party hosted by Laura Imbruglia Featuring…Dorsal Fins, The Huxleys, DJ Jeanie (Laura Jean) and an Advance Screening of the Season 2 Finale!

The night will be Auslan interpreted, captioned and FREE! Limited Capacity. Arrive early to avoid disappointment

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