Q&A Scene: The Vacationists

Tell us about your new Single?   

JOHAN: Bush Turkey is our darkest release to date, and was a lot of (brooding) fun to make. It was born out of a weird David Lynch-like dream of love and turkeys.


What’s your favourite work at this point in time?
MATT: Bush Turkey! Closely followed by a lovely little unrecorded gem called LL.
Tell us a quick, in the studio or on-the-road anecdote.  
JOHAN: One of my favourite times was playing a show in room packed with a whole bunch of lovely Irish folks, who invited us back to perform in one of their living rooms afterwards. We decided to treat them to some Irish tunes, but quickly ran out of the three songs we sort of knew, and ended up playing Pogues’ Fairytale in New York at least three times – and this was in April, so Christmas spirits were not very high.
What, or who, inspires you to create?   
CRAIG: I find that I’m often inspired by a well crafted short story or novel. I recently read a collection of short stories by George Saunders, and his unique voice reminds me to experiment when creating a narrative voice for a song.
Which song do you wish you wrote?   
CRAIG: God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. It’s the perfect marriage of pop hook and rich harmonic underpinning. Brian Wilson moves through chords in a way that sounds completely inevitable, though you never would have guessed the next one beforehand. This song is what genius sounds like.
What’s next for you?   
MATT: A long and fruitful writing and recording phase.
What’s your scene?   
MATT: The scene in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark where all the Nazis melt.



Petersham’s The Vacationists return with haunting and atmospheric new single Bush Turkey. The single bristles with post-punk energy and builds on a recurring minimalistic lead
melody to a roaring crescendo. Its restless energy and Lynchian musings on obsession make it The Vacationists’ darkest release to date.

Recorded and mixed DIY style in living/bed/sun rooms across Sydney’s inner west, the band retains their lo-fi wall-of-sound approach with layers of hazy guitars, brooding keyboards, and three voices. The band started out in 2014 over a shared love of Phil Spector arrangements, dirty guitar tones, inexpensive beer and pop melodies, and have continued to pour their hearts into their offbeat songs ever since. Known for their fun and loud live shows, which they have brought all the way from Newtown to Dunedoo and back again, The Vacationists will bring this fun-loud combo to the Botany View Hotel on August 25th to launch Bush Turkey (supported by Okin Osan).

Bush Turkey is out now.

25th August 2017 – Botany View Hotel, Sydney NSW
28th October 2017 – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney NSW



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