Q&A Scene: Lisa-Skye and Daisy Berry

Tell us about your new show?

Daisy: Our show is called ‘An evening with Lisa-Skye and Daisy Berry.’ It’s a double-bill stand-up comedy show we developed for Feast festival. Feast is a queer festival in Adelaide and pretty much our equivalent to Midsumma. We’re not doing the show in Melbourne for Midsumma at the Butterfly Club.

Lisa-Skye: It’s a way for me to find girls to date.

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

D: It would be too easy to describe our show as a Golden Gaytime so I’m going to say it’s most like a Lifesaver Icypole. Just very, very colourful and sweet.

L: Like salted caramel cupcake frosting with edible glitter: Salty, sweet, and you’ll wanna lick it aaaallll up.

Which of your jokes resonate most strongly and why?

D: I think the joke that I enjoy doing the most is where I compare myself to Jesus. It touches on the neglect of my dad but in the most fun way possible. The day I wrote that I was like; ‘pat on the back there Daisy.’

L: Any time I can normalise my pro-queer/kinky/polyamourous agenda, without sounding preachy.

Tell us a quick, on the road, anecdote.

D: To me what most stands out was when we were in Adelaide for Feast and were walking home from a radio interview. There were so many teenagers around the streets that had been practicing drinking to warm themselves up for schoolies. We had just been yelled at by guys driving past in a car and had just been stuck behind drunk teenage girls walking too slowly in their high heels when we started getting hassled by teenage boys. I honestly feared for their safety. Lisa had had enough by this point and all I’m saying is it’s lucky he called Lisa a hag while we were already walking into our hotel otherwise who knows what would have happened to him that night.

L: Baha! I remember that! Yeah, never be rude to a chick over a decade older than you who’s spent the afternoon reading about unpaid emotional labour.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

D: My life mostly. My family are easy and constant material, but I think my favourite thing to draw from is a crappy day. One of the best things about being a comic is you can have one of the worst days ever but lie there at the end of it and think at least I can get material out of this.

L: From joy, pleasure, hedonism and moving through the world as a massive weirdo.

Which joke do you wish you wrote?

D: I think the joke I’m most jealous of in this show is Lisa’s metronome bit. It’s so “out of the box” I guess you would say, that it’s like stand up mixed with art and music. It’s great. I watched it and was like ‘holy crap. I would never think of something like this.’ The best thing here is I actually can’t describe it to you. You just have to come and see the show.

L: Hee! Thanks dude. I don’t know… I love jokes that kick up, not down. And any joke that can make most people, regardless of background, laugh. Daisy’s so good at that: at our show in Adelaide she had pleasant middle-aged tittering their guts out while 22-year-old hipsters mirth-barked.

What’s next for you?

D: As far as this particular show goes we’re not sure at this stage. We both have solo shows coming up in the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival which will keep us busy. I’m doing a show called ‘Am I Mental?’ And Lisa’s doing… Lisa?

L: I’m doing 2 shows at Adelaide and in Melbourne because I’m insatiable. A chatty one-person show called ‘Spiders Wearing Party Hats’ and a polished sketch show called ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’.

What’s your scene?

D: That’s hard to say with us. The queer world obviously gets a kick out of the show. They can relate to us and our anecdotes but I certainly don’t think you have to be queer to enjoy mine or Lisa’s material. There’s more to us and our lives than being queer. That being said, maybe you’ll learn something. Who knows.

L: 10am Sunday at Berghain in Berlin.

An evening with Lisa-Skye and Daisy Berry: The queerest all-female double-bill going ‘round.

Not your average straight-boy comedy. This is stand-up at its best and queerest, just in time for Midsumma Festival.

After a successful run at Feast Festival in Adelaide, two Melbourne comedians are bringing their hilarious show home.

These two couldn’t be more different nor complimentary in their comedic styles: It’s a perfectly-balanced pairing with one barking about her sexcapades in the world’s seediest underground hot spots and the other’s self-deprecating recounts about her life as a single lesbian.

The partnership comes after great separate success and mutual admiration for one another. Lisa-Skye has performed in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and some of the biggest Fringe Festivals in the world including Edinburgh, Adelaide and Melbourne, to great critical acclaim.

Daisy Berry has performed to sell-out crowds in the Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Collectively these two have over a decade of experience being professionally hilarious people.

Their show ‘An evening with Lisa-Skye and Daisy Berry’ is at one of their all-time favourite venues, The Butterfly Club. Melbourne, get ready. ONE SHOW ONLY! Bookings recommended.

Show Details:
An evening with Lisa-Skye and Daisy Berry.
Date: 5th of February.
Time: 10pm
Tickets: $18-$24.

Venue: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne.


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