Q&A Scene: Egoism

Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

SINGLE – Our new single Sorry is a dreamy poppy song that is about not wanting to say sorry anymore for something that’s not my fault.

TOUR – Our tour starts this Sat 28th Sept in Newcastle, then it’s Sydney (6/10), Wollongong (11/10), Canberra (12/10), Melbourne (13/10). We’re touring with our friends Sketch Jets who released their EP San Fran Dream Lands earlier this year.

What’s your favourite work at this point in time? 

From the things we have released, I would say Sorry and Reason are my favs, but there’s a song Olive wrote recently that I really really like, we can’t even play it live yet!

Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

I recorded the vocals for the demo of Sorry while really sick, and they had this weird blocked-nose charm that sounded really cool. So when we went to record them again probably for the single, I had the nightmare of trying to re-create them but without being sick – never have I done so many vocal takes!

What, or who, inspires you?

I think a bit of competitiveness to try and write as well as Olive, or do something different and new to keep up with them.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Um to be honest sometimes I wish I could go back in time to the 90s and be Radiohead before Radiohead

How would you describe your sound in food form and why?

A Vietnamese roll, varied fillings of your choice, not too heavy, but you’re always full afterwards

What’s next for you?

We are going on Tour! Then we’re planning the next stage of releasing the EP.

What’s your scene?

I guess that’s hard to answer – we are in inner-Sydney based band, and that scene is very mixed. We’ve played shows with hardcore bands, country/folkie bands, psych bands and dad-rock bands.

About Egoism

The genesis of Egoism began on a High School bus that the Sydney-based duo caught to school together. They soon discovered their shared love of music and certain philosophies tied to it. It was these regular morning musings that became the catalyst for Scout Eastment (vocals/guitar) and Olive Rush (vocals/guitar/drums) to start creating something together.

The duo were soon learning how to write songs and make music. They were constantly running melodies and lyrics past each other, hoping their songs could one day be played live to people that wouldn’t hate it.

It was during 2015 (while the pair were still in High School) that Scout and Olive assembled their band. They played any warehouse, shop front, or house party they could sneak their friends into. If you hung around the Marrickville area perhaps you were there? During this time they were also steadily dropping home-recorded singles online.

In 2016 the band were finally old enough to join the local band scene. They’re touring efforts earned them support slots for bands such as Flyying Colours, Stonefield and DeafcultIn 2017 Egoism released their first EPIt’s Wearing Off”. 

Sorry is the band’s first single from their yet to be titled upcoming second EP.

“I wrote this song as a bit of a fuck you to the people who never say sorry for their own mistakes, but then always demand an apology, even if I’m the one who was hurt the most. Easily the most empowering song we’ve ever written ha-ha. We were really going for a The Veronicas meets Slowdive kind of vibe, essentially blending the music of our childhood with the music of our teenage years.”
– Scout Eastment (vocals/guitar)