Q&A Scene: Dan Steinert ~ HEAPS GOOD FRIENDS

Tell us about your upcoming tour? It’s your first headline tour, correct?

AB SO LUTELY! It will indeed be our first headline tour and we’re a big spoon full of milo kind of excited for it! We’re itching to have some dance offs, hopefully some handstand competitions. But I think we’re most excited to sniff a couple of strangers.

What’s your favourite song from your new EP Hug Me?

My personal favourite is ‘Lobster Bibs’ because it reminds me of kicking off my shoes shoes after a really long week and just cuddling up with my buddies and beating the final boss level of an overnight rental from Blockbuster. Super rewarding.

How would you describe your sound in food form?

We were once described as Peanut Brittle, BUT I totally reckon we’re more Fairy Bread. Hell yummy and colourful, a little bit childish, but once you let go, you can’t help but have fun. It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone gets loud once the fairy bread comes out.

Tell us a story from when you’ve been on the road or in the studio

Late last year, we played this super fun festival in Adelaide called Oh Yes! It ruled SO hard and was in our town which was a mega bonus. We were scheduled to do a DJ set at Fat Controller after the festivities. So we made our way there after all the fun and music.. And after a Villi’s pie or two later.

We arrived just in time. We were dancing, singing along and having a killer time.
The room was truly electric as I played a bunch of Kylie Minogue and mid 2000’s dance music. After we finished, I went to catch an Uber home with my friend Sam but just as we were leaving, I went to grab my USB that was plugged into the DJ decks. The DJ was playing Bonkers by Dizzee Rascal and the room was lit.

I walked up with so much confidence and went to securely grab my 8GB 2.0 drive full of lovely MP3 files only to ACCIDENTALLY only slightly tap the actual DJ’s USB which stopped EVERYTHING. Bonkers stopped playing, instantly.

Everyone was confused. I felt sick in the stomach kind of guilty and didn’t understand what I had done. “I swear I didn’t even touch this guy’s USB??!” I said with much guilt. But the damage had been done. I ruined the entire drop to Dizzee Rascal’s classic 2009 hit and I was truly embarrassed.

SO I apologized profusely and fled the scene. As I was waiting for the Uber, I saw someone wearing a Heaps Good Friends shirt, so I naturally went “Hey man, I like your shirt!” With the sincerest intent in the world. Only for this gentleman to turn around and say, “F*** off dude

To which I responded really confused with “Oh.. I.. I printed that shirt in my garage.. I play drums..” only to be cut off by all his friends who came out of nowhere, almost instantly with an ever so lovely phrased “Yeah whatever dick head.. F*** off

So instead of catching the Uber home with Sam, I walked all the way home and it started raining when I was half way home.

What, or who, inspires you?

Love, nature, and cartoons inspire me the most. They all make me feel the craziest feelings ever and connect me to my truest self. I’m usually really loud and love having as much fun in a single day as I possibly can. So all three combo together to bring me back down after I’ve been jumping around in space for a while.

Which song do you wish you wrote?

Oh man, that’s way too tricky to decide! It’d have to depend what mood I’m in! Right now I wish I wrote Dive by Beach House. I heard it when I was on the bus yesterday and it instantly made me want to hug and kiss everyone because it makes me appreciate how weird and wonderful life really is. As humans, we all share 99% of the same DNA, so maybe if we hugged hard enough to this song we’d turn into one big pile of jelly and glisten underneath the sun and nothing would worry anyone anymore.

What’s next for Heaps Good Friends?

After our EP tour, we’re opening up a challenge to see if anyone is actually better than Emma at Tony Hawks. Last week we watched in amazement as she got a 150,000 point combo in one single turn and we want to invest all our spare time into a massive challenge. Then when we’re satisfied we’ll write more songs and have a big nap.

And finally – What’s your scene?

My scene is the second to last bit in The Incredibles where they find out Jack Jack has super powers and he goes real crazy.

Heaps Good Friends are stoked to hit the road for a national tour across March and April in support of their debut EP Hug Me[pullquote]”There’s just no one doing what they do in Australian music at the moment” – Pilerats[/pullquote] 2017 was a massive year for the trio known for delivering lyrically playful, synth pop treats, including winning ‘Best New Artist’ at the South Australian Music Awards last year, single ‘Let’s Hug Longer’ was the 9th most played track on triple j and released the hilarious video for ‘I Could Eat a Full Packet of Yo Yos’, which was directed by them together with Aaron Schuppan and filmed in Adelaide’s beautiful heritage-listed Capri Cinema. 

Grab your copy of the EP now @ www.heapsgoodfriends.com OR listen to it here: http://smarturl.it/hugmeep

Tickets on sale now via heapsgoodfriends.com

Friday 23 March – The Hills Are Alive, South Gippsland SOLD OUT
Saturday 24 March – Workers Club, Melbourne w/Slowcoaching + Hannah Blackburn SOLD OUT

Thursday 29 March – Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane w/ Feels Club + The Gruvs
Wednesday 11 April – Beach Road Hotel, Bondi w/TBA
Thursday 12 April – Rad Bar, Wollongong w/ Francos + Gosh
Friday 13 April – Small Ballroom, Newcastle w/ She’s My You + Milky Thred
Saturday 14 April – The Chippendale Hotel, Sydney w/ Froyo + Florian
Friday 20 April – Rocket Bar, Adelaide w/ LEO + Neon Tetra
Saturday 21 April – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth w/ Kopano + ABACAXUVA 

Heaps Good Friends formed after Emma and Nick met at the old Gladstone Gaol in South Australia, where Nick recorded Emma’s first demo in the K wing. The latest addition of drummer Dan completes their set-up, and together they started to show Australia what they’ve got. Their stellar 2017 featured a national tour with The Jungle Giants, an impromptu BIGSOUND appearance and a coveted triple j Unearthed performance slot at the sold out fun fest that was this year’s Groovin’ the Moo.
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