Tell us about your new single/ album/ tour?

Pete: The new EP is called Never Change, and we’ve just dropped the latest single from it, the title track and single number three from the EP.  If you head to our Spotify or YouTube you can check out the first couple singes, ‘Feverdreams’ and ‘Too Much Rain’. 


So we’ve got a bit of a string of shows running up to the end of the year to celebrate. The Never Change Tour takes in VIC, NSW and ACT, we’ll be returning to some favourite places to play, plus some new places, including our first appearance at Chopped Festival. We’ve also got a huge EP launch taking place at Stay Gold in Brunswick, so it’s all pretty exciting times.


What’s your favourite work at this point in time?

Tyler: Our favourite work, I suppose we’re obliged to say the new stuff we’ve put out haha. I guess in your mind the latest stuff is always better, you’d hope so anyway, you’re always lookin’ to improve. We’ve been cookin’ up some new tracks in the shed of late that we think are pretty good, so we can’t wait for people to hear it.


How would you describe your sound in food form and why? 

Alex: Medium rare steak, meaty, but just a bit cooked haha.


Jazz: Funny you ask that actually, we’ve got a little thing we started on our YouTube channel called Cooked With Alex, we film Alex after he’s had a few frothies and he’ll cook something for the band. It’s all a bit of a laugh.


Tell us a quick, on the road or studio, anecdote.

Pete: In 2016 we did a big run across Europe and the UK, something like 2 and half months, well over 30 shows. Anyway, we were in the east of Germany and had been booked play this little whiskey/biker bar in a small town called Hildburghausen. Was great, we rocked up and the first thing we notice is the poster on the door is wrong, it say “Black Ages” on it haha, good start, then we roll in and no one speaks any English, and we don’t speak a lick of German.

Anyway, they point us in the general direction to where we have to load the gear and setup. Eventually someone comes from down to the road to act as translator. We’d setup our gear by this point, and ask the guy translating who’s doing sound and where’s the mics and stands and what not, and he says, ‘You didn’t bring any?’, and of course we’re like, na, we weren’t told we had to, mics and PA are not really something the band brings with them. At this point we were like, ah this is fucked, what are we gonna do’.

Anyway, they told us to sit tight and they’d try and work something out for us. After a couple beers this guy comes back with one mic, and one mic lead, no stand. We were like, right, we’ll make this work, the PA was actually just a couple of crappy powered speakers hanging by chains from the ceiling, so we had to climb up and run the mic lead from one of them, and we just taped the mic to a spare cymbal stand.

Was a bit of a laugh, when we were playing, and we played for 3 hours mind you, the boys were coming in to the one mic in the middle to sing backing vocals like they were The Beatles haha. Was funny seeing it from the back. In the end we made do, and it was a pretty fun, I think we played just about every song we know, but it didn’t end there.

Afterwards they showed us where we were sleeping and just pointed to the pub floorboards haha. So we were like, right, we better get our drink on, which they were more than happy to oblige. The guy who ran the place was this little bikey bloke with a big white beard named Olaf, he just kept pouring whiskey down out throats. By the end of the night I was arm in arm behind the bar with him drinking Jameson, and singing along to Pogues’ songs, the only English he knew were the words to Streams of Whiskey and Dirty Old Town, what a pisser. We had a great night in the end.



What, or who, inspires you?

Alex: David Boon and his 52 can effort on the flight to England.


Which song do you wish you wrote?

Tyler: The VB Theme, I mean who wouldn’t! Anything from the The Monty Python back catalogue too. Haha!


What’s next for you?

Jazz: After the Never Change Tour, we’ll be heading straight into pre-production for the next album. We’ve got a stack of great ideas we’ve been working on, so now it’s just a matter of consolidating them all, and building them into a collection of songs worthy of album number three. 

We are also headed back the UK in June/July for a bit of a run for their summer. We’ve already been locked in for Wildfire and SOS festivals, plus there will be plenty more to come, so really looking forward to that.


What’s your scene?

Tyler: Sunday beers and shed sessions. We all live 5 minutes from each other love to have a beer in the shed together. The sheds where we rehearse, where we write songs, have a laugh and enjoy a few cold ones.

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