Q&A Scene: Track-by-Track with Viva Cain’s Josh Johnstone

Josh Johnstone takes What’s My Scene through Viva Cain‘s new release Yeah Nah, track by rockin’ track:
The album’s opening track Ignite sends a strong message that life is short and that if you want something, just go for it. We wanted to portray the feel of this attitude in the music too, hence the riff kind of smacking you in the face from the get-go! Its a super-fun track to play live and gets the heart racing.
Track 2: Fear What You Don’t Say is one of the shortest songs on the album I think. It sprung from a riff that our guitarist Mike brought in to a rehearsal and was pretty much completed within a couple of hours in the jam room. they are often the best ones.
Disconnected is #3 on the album. This one was a 3am boozed up jam with my brother and a friend which I found on my iPhone several months after it happened (primarily because I had no recollection of it happening in the first place.) We just kept shouting ‘disconnected’ over that riff and jamming out a bunch of nonsense. I took that to the band and we made it into something a little more of a song, but at the same time, keeping the loose vibe it had.
Devils Holiday (Track 5) was some groovy riffs that mike made up, and came together very easily in the studio, I think the reason for this is its 90’s grunge stylings which we (the Vida Cain band members) all love so dearly. The lyrics I worked on with Steve Parkin (Basement Birds) and are all about the music business, being in an original band in Australia, and the toll it can take on your personal life and most of all relationships.
The lyrical theme of track 6 on the album Something Better is pretty clear, in the chorus lyrics especially. Many of us have spent a decent chunk of our lives wanting/chasing/obsessing over the thing that we don’t have… and then if we are lucky enough to get these things, then going on to want something else. I think compared to our parents generation, and even more so our parents, parents generation, this generation is finding it hard to be feel satisfied and stay focussed on the great things we have. Its too much to go into for a short interview, so hopefully you can take what you want from the lyrics when listening to them.
Coming on Up is all about the high energy riffs and chanty chorus vocals. Its an ode to a few bands we’ve played with who seem to think that they are famous for some strange reason
Track 7: Aliens – lyrically is just us reflecting on what people would think of the human race if they encountered it for the first time right now. What do you think of what we have become? Its a fun song to play live as its a bit mellower than the other songs, and has a hooky woh-oh that everyone sings along to. People love woh-ohs, and so do we.
Laura: I met an awesome girl a couple of years ago when touring through Europe, we spent lots of time hanging out and her name really suited the vocal melody. It sounds like a sad broken love song in parts, but its basically a pop song and happens to be one of my favourite Vida Cain tracks. I’m really happy with how the recording turned out.
Track 8 is called Face the Wall. It’s dark, moody, riffy… and we weren’t sure which direction to take this in the recording process. Parts of it suit ball tearing power riff style production, but other parts sound like the Doctor Who theme. I think we found a happy medium. I dig the bass guitar in the verses!
Ol’ Man Ray: Ray is a weird old guy that all the kids in school saw on the way home from school back in my high school days. Everyone had theories about who this guy was and what he did, so I figured he deserved a song. I don’t even think his real name was Ray. Who cares. The music sounded like fun so I wrote it about something fun
The last song on the album Blunt Razor was actually the first song we wrote for this album. This was our guitarist Mikes first album with us and this was the first piece of music he brought in. I love JR’s drumming on this one, its a dark, moody, riffy bogan anthem style track.. my favorite thing!
Catch Viva Cain on tour:

Jan 25th, 2017 – Frankie’s Pizza (Sydney)

Jan 26th, 2017 – Long Table Cafe (Deniliquin)

Jan 27th, 2017 – Cherry Bar (Melbourne)

More info and social links: http://vidacain.com

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