Q&A Scene

Q&A Scene: Guitarists’ Special ~ Peter Baylor

Peter Baylor has been a musician synonymous with the Australian “ roots’ music scene
professionally since 1980. His eclectic guitar and vocal style encompasses classic swing jazz,
Rhythm N’ Blues, Western swing, Gypsy jazz, Rockabilly, country , Old timey and folk forms. His
distinctive sound has been heard in bands as diverse as The Dancehall Racketeers, The Baylor
Brothers, Mic Conways Whoopee band, Doug Parkinsons Buddy Holly show, Ultrafox, The
Starliners, The Eddies, Tom Bakers swing st Orchestra, The Cairo Club to name a few. […]

Food & Lifestyle Scene

Recipe Scene: Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake

I’m always a bit anxious when it comes to unmoulding an unbaked cheesecake –
will it have set, or will it form a liquidy pool on the serving plate? This si a very
good recipe and works every time – no need to fear with it. I do however always
use full fat Philadelphia cream cheese as I worry that the lighter version won’t
have the staying power. If you don’t want to do the raspberry swirls you can
leave it as a classic vanilla cheesecake, or add a little lemon or lime juice to give it
a hint of citrus. I’ve included enough crumb mixture to go up the sides of the
cheesecake, however I usually make less and just have it on the base. And as
always, make sure the cream cheese is room temperature or it won’t incorporate
properly. […]